Trimming the Boxwoods

Yesterday I did not even open my computer. I practiced some self-love by sleeping a lot, recuperating from a bout of stomach flu. I learned that the world will not collapse if I do not stay on a planned schedule, and that sometimes the way forward is to retreat.

Now here’s my latest garden project and joy. The boxwoods are also recuperating nicely! See how lush they are with new growth.

An old name for boxwood was simply 'box'.

When we moved here last May, I fretted over the neglected box hedges. Wads of web worm and leaves from the pecan trees had laid over them in places, and they had been trimmed sharply square, with the top wider than the bottom. I learned what I could, but I, too, was busy and gave them only a bit of loving with some fertilizer and quick trim.

Now look at all the new growth coming out from the bottom~

Every one of the bushes have this new growth coming up from the bottom, because of lots of rain and my giving them a more rounded trim, with the top slightly smaller than the bottom, allowing light to reach more of the bush.

It is amazing what a little love and nurturing can accomplish. For the bushes, and for myself and others.

The sun is shining. I must get out and trim more of the box today. I sing to them and tell them of my love. I think it helps.