Garden Bloggers Bloom Day After

Belinda’s Dream? Maybe. Lesson from the rose: no matter the condition of your body, neglect, blights of various sorts, drought, we can still bloom. We were made to bloom.

My grandmother’s rose. Caught the scent in the warm fall air.

Sweet Olive. Abundant blooms this year! Heavenly scent at the back door. Get you one–better, get two!

Gardenia. August Beauty. I actually have some small blooms, because this one is fresh planted from the nursery. I pluck the blooms and lay them beside my computer. Don’t stick them so close to your nose–they have little bugs.

Oxalis blooms. Dear Sweetie-pie picked them for me, and then took the pic! I believe at 5 yrs., he’s showing a natural talent. Look how it is framed. He’s blooming, and he is a bloom for me in the fall of my life.

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