Trimming the Boxwoods

Yesterday I did not even open my computer. I practiced some self-love by sleeping a lot, recuperating from a bout of stomach flu. I learned that the world will not collapse if I do not stay on a planned schedule, and that sometimes the way forward is to retreat.

Now here’s my latest garden project and joy. The boxwoods are also recuperating nicely! See how lush they are with new growth.

An old name for boxwood was simply 'box'.

When we moved here last May, I fretted over the neglected box hedges. Wads of web worm and leaves from the pecan trees had laid over them in places, and they had been trimmed sharply square, with the top wider than the bottom. I learned what I could, but I, too, was busy and gave them only a bit of loving with some fertilizer and quick trim.

Now look at all the new growth coming out from the bottom~

Every one of the bushes have this new growth coming up from the bottom, because of lots of rain and my giving them a more rounded trim, with the top slightly smaller than the bottom, allowing light to reach more of the bush.

It is amazing what a little love and nurturing can accomplish. For the bushes, and for myself and others.

The sun is shining. I must get out and trim more of the box today. I sing to them and tell them of my love. I think it helps.


9 thoughts on “Trimming the Boxwoods

  1. Hello CurtissAnn,

    You’re right, sometimes we need to take a step back in what we do . . . in life. Though it is quite difficult at times to do as we tend to get caught up in a more structured world and then fret about it when things don’t go our way 🙂

    It’s good to hear you are feeling much better. I have been away for quite a while too and it seems like people I know here too have been sick. Well, all the better now 🙂

    “A little love and nurturing . . .” Couldn’t agree more. And yes, this applies to everything else. At times we think that in order to have an impact on someone or something, it needs to be grand . . . we have to do something major. But on the contrary, all we need is a little smile to make someone’s day, all we need is to pay attention to our plants even for a wee bit. That little something can do much much more 🙂



  2. There’s nothing quite so elegant around a house as boxwoods. I have seen gigantic mounds of box at some of the old, colonial-era Virginia houses. Lucky you, to live now where they grow well and thrive, and lucky boxwoods, to have you tending them now.


  3. I have neglected boxwoods too; I am the one who neglected them! Every other year I whack them back severely and they always come back more beautiful than before!
    Hope the sun is shining and the earth is warm in your neck of the woods.


  4. Hiya! Having a latte in my office and reading this, Curtiss. Glad to see you out there, writing, and being.

    Life is swell. I could use a big boxwood with money growing on it, but then, couldn’t we all? Aside from that, things are okay. I’m newly married, a spokesman for Rose State College, still writing a little for the Gazette, and otherwise scooting along.

    Hope to see you again soon. I sure miss the days of the short course.

    Ben Fenwick


  5. We have box woods too but they didn’t get trimmed last fall, so they really need it now. After our 6″ snow on Saturday it has made everything green and growing good. My husband mowed the front yard on Friday when it was 70 and then the snow came on Saturday and everything was white! WE have had about 7 snows here in Missouri this winter and hope this was our last one.
    I will be looking for your new book in June.
    Sincererly, Marilyn Morse


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