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Curtiss Ann Matlock

Curtiss Ann is a mother and grandmother, a native Southerner, a lover of the land, family, the written word, and a good cup of hot tea. Born in North Carolina, from generations of proud North Carolinians, she lived thirty years in rural Oklahoma, where she and her husband raised their son and a few horses, the church was just up the road, and everyone managed to know everyone and help out when necessary. She now resides in a small community in southern Alabama, where people still know and help each other, where life is full of family, one beloved dog, an assortment of cats and backyard chickens. Her stories about passionate women and men in boots and blue jeans, and the heartbreak and heroism, the struggle to keep faith in God, in love, and in themselves, come from the life all around her.

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28 thoughts on “Bio & Contact

  1. I am trying to learn if you are still writing! I certainly hope so. Surely if you are in good health you will still do some writing. If you have written another series, I would like to know the name of it. I also would like to find the order of the Valentine series of books. I have the last one and one other. Want to read all of them.


    • Hello, MaryEtta. I have not had a totally new release since 2009. I am currently working to edit and re-release old books into ebook and print. I have an updated version of Love in a Small Town available in paper and ebook. You can get either from Amazon of Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble store, if you have one nearby, can order it. Love in a Small Town was technically the first of the Valentine Series.

      Thank you for stopping by my site. I’m grateful to hear you enjoy my stories.


      Curtiss Ann Matlock website/blog

      Love in a Small Town Mary in Color



    • Hi, Monkeyfacekim. I’m extremely honored to be nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I need encouragement, so I make it my aim to encourage others. However, I’ve also made it a rule as a blogger not to take part in mimes. I simply don’t have time and continue to write. Keep writing!


    • Hi, back at you! I have a rather good friend over in your neck of the woods. Like your blog, in good company sharing a liking for Bradbury. As for tips, listen to your own instincts, always. Oh, and get Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing.


  2. just discovered your book “Miracle on I 40” and now am on a quest for more of your great writting. As a native Okla. and retired newspaper columnists, your style is so welcome in todays sex and violence. As an avid contributor to our public library system, i will seek your books and if they arent in stock, I can order them from a larger library. Oh, i found your book in the library of our senior citizen park.


  3. I’m so pleased you found my blog and decided to follow it, because that has led me to yours. A blog is such a great way for people to connect, but it is also a great tool for writers, giving us the immediate feedback that nurtures our Muse. I’m a newbie at writing novels, so have much t learn. Thank you for the opportunity to include you in my journey.


  4. Disease has a way of focusing you like nothing else. I’ve been through that fire, too, and although I sometimes wish it had been different, I know inside that it is making me who I was meant to be. God bless, and continued good luck.


    • I have come to believe that everything happens for a reason, and it doesn’t matter if I know the reason or not, and I don’t have to be happy about any of it, either. I will do best to accept, and make the best, and there are always gifts, in the moment, in the next moment and the next. I have been extremely fortunate in my life. I give thanks for all. God bless and keep you.

      CurtissAnn “One writes to make a home for oneself, on paper, in time, in others’ minds.” ~Alfred Kazin


  5. I am just now revisiting my love of writing. When I was a middle school girl I would stories under the no de plume of Jasmine Louis. Through her I felt my voice could be heard. After many years of, well let’s just say: Life; I have come back to her and she and I are now becoming one voice, it is an exciting porcess


  6. Although I have read it twice before, I picked up the first book of the Valentine series again this afternoon and want you to know I settled right down and loved those people all over again! By tomorrow I’ll probably be ready to begin the second one…again. The Valentine series is going down in my personal “Happiness Book” as the #938th entry. Thank you so much Curtiss Ann


    • Linda– Your kindness in telling me your love for the Valentine books brings tears to my eyes! And a boost as I work on a new series project. Actually, the writing of a new book is not work, but carving out the time from my grandmother life is the challenge! I am so very honored to be listed in your Happiness Book– more encouragement to keep my own going.

      Blessings, CurtissAnn


  7. I was introduced to the discipline of a daily gratitude list and journaling. This discipline proved to shine a powerful light of hope and faith into my life. It has helped me to know who I am, to remember the truths I already know, to navigate the sometimes bumpy journey. … On those days when I’ve felt as if I could fly, the discipline has grounded me and given my high spirit direction.
    These, your words inspire me and I share the common bond from those two disciplines. I will look up a book or two of yours. I am in your community of writers. In my “about” section, I have not disclosed my published works…my blog wants to express the all the exclamation points writing, and the teaching of it, has put in my life.


  8. Just found you tonight and can not wait to read one of your books.
    I started a book a few years ago before my husband left me and enjoyed writing on it so much but was devastated with him leaving and only wrote one chapter after that and it was a murder scene…lol
    Would love to find my muse again


  9. Opening one of your books is like coming home. Every word is a special treat and the whole of it must be savored. Your blog is like sunshine on my face after the longest winter. Recently I read about your grand mother being called Honey and got goose bumps. My grandmother is also called Honey (Noney to the younger ones) for the exact same reason. Her name is Vivian and at 88 she is more active than most much younger people. One of the great things about the Valentine series is that the books all portray older people realistically. Please keep them coming and keep up the good work. Many blessing to you and those in your Universe.




  11. Dear Curtiss Ann, I am grateful for my love of reading and for your books which I have enjoyed very much. I am also enjoying your blog and the deer picture. Wow! Good luck on the next Valentine book. I have been wondering about the folks there. Hope you are doing well, and good luck on that house. Jane Burney


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