Returning from the Recent Interruption

Returning from a week away, then hosting visiting family, followed by attempting to pick up the threads of demanding everyday life has left me frazzled, numb, and, well, very often like a hen with her head chopped off.  Where was I with anything remotely connected to my own creative projects? I stare at the white page before me, trying to assemble pieces of my mind. I’m certain I had something to say…before I was interrupted.

An interruption is nothing more or less than a jolt from my plans. That, of course, is Life.

A glorious interruption — sweet tea at Paula Deen’s ‘The Lady and Son’s’ restaurant. At one point, I looked around the table and realized: We are all Christian women– many denominations, but all women of faith.

If it were not for interruptions, I would keep my eyes straight ahead with my own agenda, and in such a manner miss out on an abundance of experience and memories. The interruptions of the past three weeks have given me cousins I didn’t know before, insights into myself and my heritage, precious connections with in-laws, a fabulous tour of Savannah, finally! and a close-up view of the eastern shore of Mobile Bay, and a grandson’s joy with his friends and seeing crab traps for the first time.

Perhaps all of life is simply going from one interruption to another. In reviewing my activities of the past weeks, I would not have chosen to do most of them. I would have thought (actually did keep thinking), “I’m too busy!” But what glories I was given!

Dear God, let me be open to what comes as inconvenient interruptions to my plans, but time and again prove to bring great gifts. Even those interruptions that appear as painful difficulties and insurmountable trials have ended up giving me things– attitudes, insights, blessed fortitude– that I would not have otherwise gained.  Today when an interruption small or large comes, let me use that as a clue that something glorious is about to be given to me, and to open my heart and arms wide to receive. Amen. So it is.

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