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I made an attempt to straighten up all the books on my night stand. As is usual, I move a book, I open a book, and then start reading again. I ended up with six books that I simply could not put away and remain on my ‘currently reading’ list. For years I only read one book at a time. I think it was hearing a famous writer, whose name I’ve completely forgotten, speak of keeping three and four books going at a time that liberated me to do the same. The number of books I’m currently into possibly indicates a short attention span, and gluttony, and surely it is a measure of how my time these days is short for the solitude of reading, writing, and musing.

Katharine Graham’s Personal History is on the bottom. I found fascinating the tales of her grandfather and father. Do we even make people with such gumption anymore? There is a line about her mother that struck a cord and I’ve repeated with laughter. But then the family fortunes seemed to get easier, and I’ve become bogged down. I’ve begun skimming, but don’t want to fully set it aside. Graham’s writing was superb, very down to earth, and she is an inspiration. I’ve begun a deliberate reading of women who serve as an inspiration.

The South Was Right! by James and Walter Kennedy. Now there’s a title to produce instant controversy. I first read the book years ago, remembered a few things about President Lincoln and am trying to find the passages again in order to check them out. Of course, as I look, I begin reading with fascination. The book offers to balance much of the slant of those historical times. Also, it is my mother’s book and within I find things such as a pocket Constitution, page notations, newspaper clippings from when Clinton was President, and an old photograph. Every time I turn the page, I wonder what new treasure will pop out.

America’s God and Country, encyclopedia of quotations, by William J. Federer. Fascinating, gives also court decisions of which I’d never heard. I’m up to the letter S in the index, reading what women I find. If one judged the world by this book, one would think women rarely said anything of note.

Karen White’s The Color of Light–I’ve just begun this novel, and I feel myself settling in. I enjoy White’s work. While I will have all manner of non-fiction books underway, I only read one fiction book at a time.

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. A book of meditations, a gift from a dear cousin. In her introduction to the book, the author mentions being greatly influenced by Catherine Marshall and Andrew Murray, both writers who have influenced me. I thought: “Yes! I’ve found a friend.” And so I have.

Listening to Your Inner Voice, by Douglas Bloch. Short and to the point wisdom. This is the sort of book to which I clip a highlighter. I just love to highlight.

If you have read any of these, I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.

In literature as in love, we are astonished at what is chosen by others. ~Andre Maurois

5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading

  1. I love Katharine Graham. What a wonderful and intelligent writer she was. Also, Jesus Calling is a favorite of Meg’s and mine. Such a delightful little book. I’m between books. Started some. Put those down. I’ve been reading light stuff and a couple of historical ones which I enjoyed. I also like Karen White. Maybe I’ll read her next.


  2. Hi Soul – Sister! I’m kinda doing the same; had to recharge my Creative Room, so I started with the bookcases; Have one now that speaks to me and gives me support — however “half-lazies” have set in, with summer for an excuse, and I have yet to do the other; Biggest challenge — get ALL the books I’m reading NOW or working with or THINK I will use in some creation soon in the same spot and…..REMEMBER they are there, removed from their old spot. It’s all fun.


    • Rain today, inside reading. Have now finished America’s God and Country, or what I intend to read of it at this time. Same for The South was Right. Moving on to more!


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