Off to a Gathering of the Cousins

I leave today to drive myself and my mother to a gathering of ‘the Johnson girls’, my mother’s maternal cousins. We’re meeting in Savannah. It is always hard for me to leave home. All the packing and trying to make sure I didn’t forget anything, plus making certain everything here is in place– chicken and children caretaking seen to, hanging ferns watered…etc. I am one who wants to anticipate every single contingency, because I feel it is my responsibility. Add to all of it, my mother is 85 years old and on oxygen, and in my mind she can go at any minute. (Well, any of us can.) My state of mind is: What was I thinking?

I’ve prayed and turned it over to God. This will be an opportunity for my mother to see cousins from her childhood, women of her blood and heart. I get to see them, too, women of my blood and heart. Blood kin is of paramount importance to a Southern girl. So, we’re going.

These bits of wisdom came before me this morning, and I share them with you. Maybe you’ve got some sort of ‘What was I thinking’ stuff going on, too.

Starting Sunday out right…

God hasn’t called me to be successful. He’s called me to be faithful. ~Mother Teresa.

He instructs me in the night seasons. ~ Psalm 16

Dear God, today I let go of the driving need to be in control. I cannot possibly anticipate every contingency. I let go and trust, and remain receptive to guidance. All is well. Thank You! Amen.

I’ll be coming home with lots of stories, food for stories of my own. With a writer, nothing is ever wasted.

7 thoughts on “Off to a Gathering of the Cousins

  1. Oh cuz, what a wonderful time…I feel so blessed that we had our time together. What memories and fun…Thanks for helping make it possible for your mom to come also…Love to all…


  2. How wonderful that you and your Mom are able to take a road trip together. An opportunity to create memories. Blessings to both of you.


  3. Amen, sister! Hope the get together was wonderful. What an important time to spend together. And certainly it is hard to get away, isn’t it? It’s just the way we are, I guess. I have friends/family that don’t have as much difficulty getting away and it is just the way they are, too! But you are so lovely to pull out the lessons and blessings in and amongst your cares. Good for you and God bless you for your insight and for sharing.


  4. I identify with dreading trips. You’ll be fine; we always are. Your Mother will be fine, too. Ladies do not get to 85 by being a wimp. Y’all have a bodacious time in Savannah.


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