Lessons from Paperwhites

My Christmas cactus, (some 25-30 years old now, I’ve lost count.) bloomed right on time. The buds began to open two days before Christmas, and by Christmas the plant was glorious.

Caught the image this morning of paperwhites in a shaft of dawning sun beneath a pecan tree.

I know that paperwhites often bloom in the midst of winter here on the Gulf Coast, but it still takes me by surprise. While I adore the mild winter we are having, I want to shout at the precious blooms: “Wait! Go back! Don’t straggle out and be all finished by the glory of spring. I’m just not ready for your timing!”

Well, one cannot hold back starts and stops in life. Time marches on.

Let me remember that I cannot control the world, and take that into account as I ponder where I’ve been the past year and where I hope to go in the next. Things I want to stop, such as staying up later than I can handle and feeling tired the next day, and things I want to start, like making the bed on a more-or-less daily basis –It’s still not made, I chose to spend these minutes writing here before the precious grands arrive.

Oops, I did not get to finish my thoughts, and the grands landed in here, so there was a break for a lot of hugs and to make breakfast. I’m back now, and laughing at my efforts to catalog hopes and dreams and good intentions in the face of the needs of children and demands and surprises of the world. I am trying, like the men who make and keep calendars that paperwhites do not read, to have a measure of control over my life. So very laughable.

Still it is good exercise for me, all this detailing of my life. At the top of my list goes the hope to accept what is. And I envision and dream of what could be.

Then comes the whisper of something that is timeless, like paperwhites in December:

I’ve written the reminder on a slip of paper and taped it to the wall by my desk. Let me now remember to look at it often.

11 thoughts on “Lessons from Paperwhites

  1. I just have to add one more comment here. Today, January 1, 2012, I had time to get the bed made before we left for church this morning, noticing what I had done, my very funny husband said, ” Oh, I see we are keeping last years bedbugs”. Happy New Year!


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  3. When I was a little girl, I hated making my bed. I always promised myself that when I was grown and had a home of my own, I would only make the bed if I wanted to. I’ve done just that, and I rarely ever make the bed. Luckily my husband doesn’t mind a bit (either that, or he knows to pick his battles wisely).
    I’ve been watching my paperwhites reaching toward the sun, getting taller as the days pass, but they don’t show any signs of blooming. With most of the landscape so brown, just peeping out the kitchen window and seeing a bit of green is a treat!


    • I was never forced to make my bed, and I never have been religious about it. I can say I do love the way my bedroom looks when the bed is made, and every night I ‘straighten’ the covers, because I want them the way I want them for sleeping. Ha, ha! But I think I’m making peace with the side of me who wants the bed made by doing my best to have it so several times a week. I really do like Carolyn M’s tip, though, above. πŸ™‚

      Today I picked a bouquet of paperwhites for a vase. They smell divine. If they’re going to bloom, I’m going to enjoy them! We are in the 60s here today. I’ve been told our weather is back to normal this year.

      xxxooo CurtissAnn


  4. I think one of the most important things that I take away from your writings is that, all of us women aren’t really that different. Knowing that I am not alone with my un-made bed is very comforting. (actually I heard Dr. Oz say that it is healthier to leave the bed un-made. All those little critters thrive in the warmth of the well made bed. Leaving it undone, lets the bed air out, and they die.) I really like the idea posted of choosing a word to live by in the coming year. Will have to give this some thought, but I keep coming back to “kindness”, Happy New Year to you and your family, and to all your loyal readers, friends, and fans. Many blessings to all.


    • I love the sight of my made bed, but boy, howdy, know what I did this morning as I was rushing with the kids coming? I pulled the covers back to let it air. LOL! Darling Carolyn, thank you. Wishing you a very happy New Year!

      Hugs, CurtissAnn


  5. My Intentional word for this next year is Blessing—as in, be a blessing every day to someone who truly needs it. I have it taped to my bathroom mirror, my computer, my sewing machine, my desk….everywhere.


  6. First, I owe you a mega apology. I have no clue how this happens, but I included all the Blogs I follow in last weekend’s review and left yours out. I am so sorry. Absolutely not intentional. Actually, I think I can blame it on staying up too late and being far too tired to think straight the next day. But that is an explanation and not an excuse. The careful thoughts you bring to light in this article are perfect for me to make it up to you and place you at the top of the list in my upcoming Weekend Review. Wishing you a beautiful New Year filled with many blooming flowers and surprises. ~ Granny


    • Oh, Miss Granny, no apology necessary! I appreciate your visit and all the things you share on Granny’s Parlour. My goodness, we cannot spend all our time mentioning every single blog, much less making note of them.

      Happy New Year!



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