Packing up Christmas

It began yesterday when I washed the festive tablecloth and half the red and glittery napkins. They now await packing back into the red plastic container, which will go into the Christmas closet, ready for next year.

I’m ready. I let go of Christmas easier these days, maybe because I know much of it is forever packed into my heart, too. You know me and lists. I’ve begun a list already of things I want to make and get for people next year…gifts I want to give throughout the year. Besides, the Christmas storage closet is right off my office and whenever I step in there to get something from a filing cabinet also there, Christmas sparkle is the first thing I see. Occasionally a box of it will bop me in the head.

I don’t save all my Christmas cards, but I will go through them and smile at each one. I’ll have good intentions to send update letters to some. Maybe I actually will. A friend this year shared that she sticks her Christmas cards up on the wall and around her house, and as she takes them down, she prays for each sender. I like that idea.

Look what I’ve noticed about the Nativity scene. It is set on the shelf at just the right height for our four-year-old Sweetie-Pie. I see he came along and arranged all the figures in a tight knot. Took me a minute to see that he had them all pointing toward the baby Jesus. Oh, the insight of a child! I pack this picture into my heart for the coming year.

Blessings to you as you pack away Christmas. Keep a good deal of it in your heart to see you through the next year. Do you have Christmas plans already in the works for 2012? Do please share with us!


2 thoughts on “Packing up Christmas

  1. I always plan on making and decorating Christmas stockings to give as gifts. I have plenty of fabric and all the trimmings, but I never quite get it done. Oh, well, there’s always next year…
    Have a happy and blessed new year, hugs ~ Nola


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