Monday Before Christmas

The final week before Christmas has dawned. I feel like someone shot the opening gun, and the race is on. From the moment my feet hit the floor this morning, I’ve felt my hair beginning to fly. In case this week affects you as it does me, I thought I would share a Holiday Plan shared with me by my good friend, Carolyn Rock.

Miss Carolyn calls this her Pray and Hope Holiday Plan:

For the rest of this week, I shall pray and hope to 1) not take myself too seriously, and 2) not try to solve any personal, family, or world problems, because my solutions probably would not only not work, but likely make things worse. I’m leaving myself and others to God and enjoying the Season.

Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~ Mary Ellen Chase.

Starting the day, and week, out right…
Dear God, thank you for being near as my breath. Throughout today, I will turn to you and remember my contentment and that I do not need to push. I will not take myself too seriously, turn to you for each need, and leave all problems in your hands. Please speak a little louder when I am afraid to follow your leading or am caught up and not listening. Amen. So it is.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
Love and blessings,

5 thoughts on “Monday Before Christmas

  1. That sounds like an excellent plan for everyone! Things can get so serious, so hectic at Christmas. I try to put myself back in my 8 year old self’s frame of mind, all excited and happy and eager! I will unashamedly eat too much and laugh and cry and hug all my family and friends and know that I am so richly blessed! Hope ya’ll have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hugs to you and yours.


    • Well, Nola, I’m going to be thinking a lot today about putting myself back into my 8 year old self. I think that’s a good idea to do on occasion all year long. Thanks for sharing it!

      hugs, CurtissAnn


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