Anything Can Be

Look what I got in the mail! A generous gift of oxblood lily bulbs from Nola at AlamoNorth. Thank you, dear friend. When they bloom, I will think of you.

I have planted them in a number of places, but I don't remember where, so I'll still be surprised.

I went to the Mobile Botanical Gardens spring plant sale. Whoo-hoo!

Hello, my name is CurtissAnn, and I'm addicted to plant-buying

Does anyone know the name of this tree? It is evergreen. The leaves grow in a whorl and sort of hang down.

And they said tulips could not over-winter here:

I did not plant these, which means they had to be planted two springs ago. They have bloomed for weeks, more flowers all the time.

We really never do know what may happen next in our lives.

Anything can happen, child. Anything can be. ~Shel Silverstein

I’m taking part in Outdoor Wednesday, generously hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer. You can pop over to her site and see many more Outdoor Wednesdays around the world.


7 thoughts on “Anything Can Be

  1. You know, I have know someone and also read across the net that people tend to plant things in specific places. But I think I like your idea of planting them at random places and then in the end be surprised when something sprouts 🙂

    I remember when you first moved that you have shared some plants which probably previous owners have planted and it was a surprise of you to see them . . . and then now tulips! Things like this are such nice surprises cause they can truly brighten one’s day 🙂



  2. I have been looking at your blog the last few weeks,really enjoying it and your books of course.I’m new to your books,but I’m scouring the book stores in my area for more.
    I live in Northern Ca.I know ,oh not one of those people.It is very Northern Ca only a few miles from the Oregon border.Could your tree maybe be a snowball bush or tree?I have seen some in my area that look the same.I love your pictures,right now my apple trees are blooming and the olive trees also.Happy Easter to everyone!!!It is cold here and raining.Snowing in the Mountains tonite.Sorry if this is too long.Its my first time to blog.



  3. I was thinking about you the other day when out in my garden. I was wondering how yours is coming along. And how long it took you to get to your blessed beloved place there. Nola is the greatest!


  4. So glad they arrived safely. You will love them, they just scream “old southern garden” (to me at least).
    My neighbor had one of those trees, I can’t think of the name. The blossoms are very strongly scented, I could smell them from my yard.
    Have a blessed Easter, CurtissAnn!


  5. I don’t know the tree is. I don’t have many bulbs in my garden, but rooted plants.

    I hope you’ll drop by AtticMag and see the butterflies I found. #8 at Outdoor Wednesday.



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