New Book ~ Little Town, Great Big Life


LITTLE TOWN, GREAT BIG LIFE, #8 in the Valentine Series, will be on bookstore shelves June 1st, and middle of April in book club.

One of the most often asked questions I receive is: “Do you choose the covers of your books?”

The question seems a little odd to me–I mean, on the scale of importance. I think maybe it has to do with people wanting to know something about me. The question is usually asked with a raised eyebrow as the person looks at the book and then back at me.

Well, you will find me on the pages between the covers, not on the cover. I have nothing whatsoever to do with the cover art.  That job falls to marketing experts, who specialize in crunching numbers and almost always come up with the conclusion that putting a young and pretty girl on the cover will sell the book. We all do judge a book by it’s cover, no matter how much we have previously been fooled. Come on–fess up. Surely I am not the only one who could not resist buying a book because of the cover, even though I know better.

In the interest of truth, and in case the marketing experts are wrong, let me tell you that the woman on the cover of Little Town, Great Big Life looks nothing like my main character, Belinda Blaine. While Belinda is lovely—striking, a better word—she is a mature woman of thirty-seven,  short, and what she proudly terms, “full-figured.” She enjoys her plump size, large breasts, and wearing beautiful Delta Burke underwear. Have you ever seen such a woman on a book cover? I would love to, wouldn’t you?

All of that said, perhaps the pretty girl on the cover is representative of Corrine Pendley. Actually, now that I look at her, she is Corrine perfectly. So, there you know when you read the book.

Life would be so much better, people so much happier, if we made a law that every town had to have a carousel.

And yes, there is a wonderful carousel in the book. I based it on the carousel at Elk City, Oklahoma.

If you pass Elk City, give yourself the gift of stopping to ride their carousel. They do not mind how many times you ride. I know. Ride it a couple of times for me.


6 thoughts on “New Book ~ Little Town, Great Big Life

  1. Ohh, I can hardly wait! I just love Belinda!

    Full-figured or not, at least the cover shows most of the body of Belinda. Only her right hand is cut off. I’m not a fan of those covers that show only a skirt and a leg and a foot. It’s like the publisher couldn’t afford to pay the artist to draw a complete person!

    And the colors are awesome!

    Do you have a contract to write anything else yet?


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