If You Enjoy Christmas Novels…

Since I have new subscribers to the blog, and also many of you might want to gift someone with a Valentine novel, I’m reminding you of Christmas Comes to Valentine .

You can read more about the book Here.

You can read an excerpt Here.

Buy Now on Kindle!

From Amazon Reviews:
“Another lovely journey to a much simpler time and good humor, surprises and Christmas Joy!”

“Such a lovely book.”

“The characters are so true to life, you think of them as your neighbors
or your own family.”

I want to recommend a favorite Christmas book, one on my keeper shelf-to-reread: Fannie Flagg’s, A Redbird Christmas. It is, of course, funny, heartwarming, and magical.

Read more and buy Here.





I have been composing posts in my mind for over a week, but have not had time to get here. I’m working away on a new novel, almost finished with re-writes! I’m also formatting several books for print. Now the holidays are upon us. I will update you all as I can.




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