Christmas Comes to Valentine

Christmas Comes3

#5 in the Valentine Series
Christmas comes to Valentine, and everyone has a secret desire…

The holiday spirit is alive in the beloved small town of Valentine, Oklahoma, and everyone is buzzing about with high hopes,  special wishes, and longings for love.

Almost-thirteen-year-old, and wise beyond her years, Corrine Pendley still wants what every young girl wants—to grow up. To get her ears pierced, experience a real kiss from her first boyfriend, and, if Santa just could, a horse of her very own, right there in her happy life, the only real home she has every known. She does not want her mother to come to town and spoil it all. To come and upset her Aunt Marilee and Uncle Tate’s marriage. To come and possibly take everything away.

But Anita Pendley wants to come home. Swept up in the hope of the season, Anita chooses her daughter and motherhood above the man in her life and dares to rebuild the shattered relationships she destroyed so many years ago. She has no idea that the man in her life will not give up on her.

Even in Valentine, life has it’s struggles and heartache, but this is Christmas, after all, the season where unexpected miracles can happen, and in Valentine they usually do. So open the pages and join in with the escapades of all your old favorites— patriarch Winston, irascible as ever; lovable Willie Lee, growing up; passionate Marilee and stalwart Tate, holding the town and themselves together; and all the rest—in this human comedy of love, loss, and second chances.

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