Oscar Hammerstein Was Right

I’ve been thinking about what I look for in a book as a reader and what I want to write as a writer. I’d hoped to write a blog post about the subject, but I’m busy with re-writes on a new book and can’t spare the time right now. Until then, I leave you with this bit of thought from writer-producer-director Oscar Hammerstein.  What would be your thoughts on this?


5 thoughts on “Oscar Hammerstein Was Right

  1. One of my favorite books is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Most of the book takes place in a tenement building. It is equally heartbreaking and beautiful. Very much filled with hope and love.

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  2. I’m sitting here and reading this while drinking from my favorite coffee mug, which has one word printed on it–hope. My husband is battling cancer, and ever since his diagnosis back in April 2018, I’ve been using this coffee mug, wearing pendants, rings and earrings that all have that same word on it. Without hope, all is lost.

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