Plans, and Interruptions

The birds just began singing. Sweet calls through the trees. One says, “Wake-up-wake-up-wake-up.” I can see the pasture clearly now in dusky light and the pecan tree turns from black to gray, day coming on like gangbusters. The air is light without scent, soft and welcoming. There are the headlights coming down the road–my guys arriving. Dear son stops to get Memaw’s newspaper from the driveway.

So we begin, and I’m reminded that this day I am given…

Ha, ha, great thoughts are interrupted. And so goes the day. We can plan what we’re going to do, but better be ready for interruptions that send everything askew like a fan scatters papers across the floor. Sometimes what I see when I pick up the papers of my day is quite an eye-opener.

My plan is later today to get some work done on a book project for Kindle, then get off to the bank and shopping at Kohl’s. We’ll see how it turns out.

Hope everyone has a great day!

6 thoughts on “Plans, and Interruptions

  1. Flexibility seems to be a key word in this strange decade I’ve found myself in. What I’m losing in physical “bendableness”, I’m having to find in the mental and emotional. I guess it happens to all of us, but it certainly was a surprise!


  2. I had to hit the ground running today – overslept and didn’t wake up until nearly noon! I guess my body needed the extra sleep for the weekend we’ve got ahead of us!
    Having Don take mom to Kohl’s today too – you must be going for that big sale! And then tonight begins the annual big festival in our town and we have to go review the concert for the newspaper. Then tomorrow our two oldest sons are coming to go with us to the concert on Saturday – where Don will be sitting in with the Marshall Tucker Band!!! He is so thrilled! And then Sunday – powpow with oldest son and his girlfriend on the final plans for their wedding, which is in two weeks! Oh lord, I’m exhausted just typing all this! Phew! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friend!


  3. I tell myself everyday that I must be flexible. Every time that I visit my mother, I never know what mood or state of mind I will encounter. I have to bend, so that I won’t break. Have fun shopping!


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