Good morning, dear hearts! A gray, overcast day after a rainy night, but so very pleasant. Crickets low and rhythmic; a bird sings out clear and sweet. Still bare-footin’ weather, but the air is lighter, enough so that the cats are scampering on the porch. And this morning I sure did not forget to lift the towel from the cushion and look underneath, making sure there was no snake or other creepy-crawly.

Sort of like what I did with myself yesterday–took a look beneath feelings. Did things a bit differently yesterday, took more time at this and that, and more time to myself. I dare say that the first thing in any difficulty is to pay attention to myself and figure out what’s going on with me. Sometimes all I need is a bit of a change, shift in my position. Nothing has changed in my world since yesterday, but I am changed–recharged, centered, and reminded of how grateful I am for my good life.

Today in the shower I had this thought–I seem to always have the best thoughts in the shower– anyway, I had the thought that gratitude is a form, maybe the most pure form, of love. What do you think?

God bless us all today. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I can certainly understand and relate to Becky’s words. During the 6 months that I was at rock bottom, with absolutely not an ounce of strength, and unable to talk. I just knew that God had his hands over my mouth to keep me from saying things to people that was better left unsaid. When I did get my voice back, I had decided to just keep on going and keep my thoughts to myself.


  2. YES. Gratitude is more than a form of love. It IS love. I often think that we are mistaken when we equate love with intimacy. What we think is a feeling of intimacy is really a sudden, overflowing sense of gratitude for the other person’s presence. It needs nothing more than just being there. We think we want or need something in that moment, when in fact all that is needed is to be deeply aware and thankful.


    • Oh, dear, what a great gift you give me with your wise understanding, and your ability to put it perfectly into words. It seems funny that I have gone my entire life until now not understanding that gratitude is love, the most powerful form of love. And now I see it more clearly. God bless…


  3. Yes, yes, yes. Gratitude works miracles. Sometimes I am so afraid of which way to go in a certain situation with loved ones and if I am aware enough to just stop for a second and think of all the times they have given me love and support, my irritation and impatience simply vanish or at least diminish so that I am able to function from a place of goodness and kindness.
    Truthfully though, I have times where my lack of hormones screams louder! On those days, I just pray to have God keep my mouth SHUT!!! Lol
    Big hug,


    • Oh, Becky, it is that crucial split second where we can stop and ask for help. I’m grateful to be doing that more and more. Then sometimes, yes, the tongue is just a fire. 🙂


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