Good Mornin’!

Good morning to you! So often I have Debbie Reynold’s voice singing in my brain, the Good Morning song from ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. It’s a happy song, even if I Never stay up all night, not even when I was young.

Been on the porch some happy hours of reading now. I’ve watched the golden sunlight creep up on the trees around the pasture and then across it. It made a beautiful pattern on the old pecan tree. A squirrel jumped from one pecan tree into the old gnarled one, and just about fell. Miss Kitty saw it, and sat for the longest time beneath the tree, watching the squirrel scamper above, just wishing, I guess.

I’m going to live through this one day only and make sure to do a couple of things that I really want to do. I’m off to a good start, reading and writing. Now if I can just resist the world’s poking and prodding. Just for today I will be happy. I think that a worthy goal. When we pursue true happiness, we are our best selves.

Sending love!

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