First Day of School for Everyone

The air is heavy, thick and warm. I turned on the fan. Crickets in rhythm, and then this little squeak that got louder…louder and stronger. A single cicada in the pecan tree, I think. Oh, now several. I’d thought they were done for the year. Then there is this strange croaking from the back yard. Bullfrog?

Busy day ahead–first day of the first grade for Little Dude! First day for myself being on my own. I have plenty to keep me busy. I must be determined to schedule time to write.

I begin here and now, with a cup of tea at hand, and this tiny keyboard on my iPhone. My goodness, how much a part of my whole life have I been held up by a cup of tea and a keyboard!

God bless us all today. What’s on your agenda?

Thoughts? Don't keep them to yourself. Love to hear!

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