Swarming Thoughts

Having trouble with ants swarming on the cat bowls on the porch. I spray, and they are deterred until it rains, then back they come. This morning my thoughts are like those dang ants, all over me before 6 am. Gotta do this, what about that? what if there’s a glitch here? Get a cup of tea and come to the porch chair, imagine I’ve sprayed and no nagging thoughts allowed.

It is still as if someone stopped the very air. It is the same 74 but a cooler 74. Ever notice that? The lavender scent is wafting around, and a single cicada trying to chirp above the crickets. Daylight comes relentlessly. For this space in time I let myself be right here, and it is pleasant. Glad I didn’t miss it! And funny thing. Now my thoughts turn to writing projects, and ideas swarm. Like those.

Good morning, everybody! God bless us.

10 thoughts on “Swarming Thoughts

  1. So, I am finally writing to let you know that my heart is with you. I have not written or posted a comment since you returned to us after your time with hubby drew to a close.
    It is always so difficult to articulate, other than “I’m so sorry” and “You are in my prayers”, both of which are true.
    But, for today, this is what I want to say….
    You know those moments in the middle of the night or very early on your porch when you are feeling lost, or unsure, or upset, or worried, or just plain sad….you are not alone. And when your words come winging their way to my phone out here in Northern California, I smile a little, and in my head say “You go girl!”, sending a big hug through the ether and asking for all sorts of little tender mercies from above to rain on you.
    We need more people/writers with your way of looking at the world. You are deeply appreciated and held close in my quietest, most prayerfilled heart.
    Wishing you a beautiful day, with at least one little chuckle for good measure.
    Big Hug, Becky


    • Dearest Becky– Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dear and kind and heart-felt words of comfort. I believe whenever I go to sit on my porch, or even lay down, I’ll think of you across the miles in California. God bless you, girl. Let us always think of each other praying…”Where two or three are gathered…”

      Blessings, CurtissAnn


  2. Two people already gave you my advice, except we use a metal pan, like a cake pan or a pie tin to hold the water.


    • I tried the water in cake pan thing yesterday. My difficulty is that my two cat eat out of separate bowls. I’m wondering how they would adapt to a single bowl. I just don’t want all those pans of water on my porch. Ah, dilemmas!


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