Listen Here — Word for the Year

Listen — the guiding word I’ve chosen for the new year.

When I was mulling over my choices, and Listen plopped into my brain, I was not enthused. Are you sure? What about Love, or Peace, or Joy…you know, those lofty fruits of the Spirit? I can sure use more of any of those. Or sound attitudes like Acceptance and Letting Go? Each of those attitudes seemed more viable.

But then Shel Silverstein‘s famous poem came to mind. I first heard it from author Jack Bickham, who used to walk around behind us in his writing classes and quote it like a sage:

Listen to the musn’ts, child, Listen to the Don’ts. Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. List to the never haves, then listen close to me…Anything can happen, child. Anything can be. ~Shel Silverstein

This morning as I was mulling over Listen, I heard precious Big Mama’s voice echo clearly. “Now listen here.” She might say, “Well, I’m gonna tell them, just listen here…” Very often it was to the grandkids, “Now you kids listen here…”

Big Mama had a voice that carried. The sort of voice that I could hear at the kitchen sink when my husband was talking to her on the phone across the room at the table. I guess it carries yet from heaven to my heart. I smile as I write this, hearing it. I listened well to her. Big Mama was a wise woman.

Listen and Learn is the saying. As I wrote this, I realized that to listen encompasses just about everything. It is the listening ear and heart that learns of love, peace, joy, and how to accept and let go.

So this year I Listen.

And I hear dear Sweetie-Pie calling, “Nan–na!” so I’m off. Do let me know what your Word for the year is.


12 thoughts on “Listen Here — Word for the Year

  1. My word for the year is FIRE! Come Holy Spirit, ….Kindle me with the FIRE of thy love.

    At the center of my Intention Mandala for 2012 is bright red, orange, white, yellow FIRE — all that I do and AM this year will come from the FIRE OF MY LOVE.

    This excites me.


      • Yes! I have such a good feeling about 2012 and each of our contributions to a more loving and peaceful earth and its inhabitants.

        Did you see in my past blog I finished your beautiful book in short order — with some late night reading? I’m so glad it was part of my holiday memories of this last month. Now it is on the top shelf of book shelf in my creative room so “I gotcha where i want ya!”


  2. Here in the middle of January I have settled on a word to focus on this year. I have chosen AWARENESS. It kept popping up and then I realized that it has so many meanings. First and foremost I need to be aware of the many Blessings I have in my crazy chaotic life. Awareness will help me muddle through the chaos that leads to clutter in my life, in my head and in my house. Awareness to help others when needed and also to know that I need to be aware of my own needs and be able to say no sometimes. Now how do I make sure that I stay aware? Of course, through journaling!! I got out my Micky Mouse journal that I bought 3 years ago Thank you CA for making me me aware and I often hear your words, “Now listen here”! 🙂


  3. I’m not sure of exactly what made me think of this, but when trying to teach my child something when she was quite young, I always tried not to start any sentence with “don’t”. It seems as though they don’t hear the “don’t” but only the rest of the comment. Instead start with the positive of what you want them to do, and if by chance they weren’t thinking of the negative action already, you didn’t put it there. Also, the fewer words the better. Well, hope that’s clear as mud!!

    Back to the subject – I don’t have a word selected for 2012, yet. Guess I’ll have to think on it a while longer.


    • What a wise mother you are. Your child is blessed. Would that all of us were taught such. I’ve been working on hubby with the grandchildren. The adults have more to learn than the children. 🙂


  4. Wow! Have not been here in a while, at least not as The Scribe. Just yesterday I wrote about how my own attitude might change this year. It was a sort of thinking out loud exercise, perhaps to hear myself thinking. The thoughts you share here remind me of one thing. I wear a little cross-shaped earring on my right ear. I placed it there, years ago, as a reminder to listen to “You-Know-Who”. Thank you for reminding me.


  5. CurtissAnn! Beautiful — I began focusing on it in 2011 — I know that in my 2012 intentions, I will find “LISTEN – MORE”. takes lots of practice for me.

    I got cheated on my envisioned “Armchair time” over holiday I said I would have; BUT I started your book, “Miracle” and I love where the heroine “changes the radio station” in her mind” because the one that was playing was too loud!” A new tool I can use. thanks. My little grand is making an unexpected stop in soon, so I best get going.


  6. I do believe my word for this year is progress, as in to pro-gress. The last year & a half plus has had me standing still to a large degree and I would like to begin moving forward again in many areas. As a matter of fact, I believe I’ve already started as of the day before NYE and that sealed the deal with my word.


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