Christmas Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in the South

Today was the type of day that prompted my husband to say: “This is the sort of winter day I signed on for down here,” as we sat on the porch watching the sun go down, and our dear grandson, in shirt-sleeves, played in a pile of leaves.

I’m glad for the soft day and walk around the yard to see…

Sweet olive--the gift that just keeps giving.

Like Christmas: Soon...soon!

Oxalis spread like pretty little fairy gifts.

Pink camellias, like angels dropping their wings.

Green pea blossoms. Bush peas an experiment for me this winter, and not doing all that well.

And lastly I am inspired by Nell Jean at Secrets of a Seed Scatterer to share a photo of my electric kettle. It has been a trusty companion since I moved into this house three and a half years ago, by myself at the time. It greets me each morning, never fails in it’s job. Nell Jean has it in her greenhouse, and, being uninformed, I don’t know why. Perhaps I can include mine as nurturing the gardener, providing hot water for endless cups of tea, which, like prayer, gets me through the day.

Yes, Nell Jean, it does make me look thinner.

Visit May Dreams Gardens to see other blooms from Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.


9 thoughts on “Christmas Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in the South

  1. Amen to continued rain in Texas, in gentle doses. I want to see a beautiful wildflower display this coming Spring.

    Curtiss Ann, you do not need to look thinner!

    The geraniums I brought indoors in Sept or Oct are the only flowering plants I have. I treasure them right about now. The pink camellias are gorgeous!


  2. Love the beautiful pink camellia’s; I had no idea they bloomed in the fall! Not enough acid here to grow them.
    Love the photo of your kettle. Since I love coffee and tea, I buy old percolators and tea kettles at garage sales and turn them into planters (along with anything else that will hold soil!). I also have older, more collectable ones along the top of my cabinets (you know me, less is not more, MORE is more in my world). Hugs from Texas ~


    • Oh, Nola, what a great idea– using old percolators and kettles for planters! I’m going to keep that in mind. Yes, the camellias in my yard begin blooming in the fall through December. Then kaput, but others in the area begin at the end of December and go through spring. I’d buy one of those, if I knew what they were.

      I see y’all have gotten more rain, praise God! Let this coming year be a normal rain year! Hugs, CurtissAnn


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