Starting Monday Out Right

Starting Monday out right…

The day has gotten away from me. I just realized that when I recognize that things are going too fast–that I am moving too fast–I can pause whenever needed and start a day over. I can do that as many times as needed, too!

Dear God, today I am willing to see what I need to see in order to grow into more peace with myself. I am willing to let go of attitudes and assumptions that keep me tangled. I practice trusting that all of me–my life and will– is in your loving care, and that I am perfectly equipped to handle any circumstance that comes my way today. I can ask for help at any moment. I relax and enjoy this great day! Amen. So it is.

2 thoughts on “Starting Monday Out Right

  1. I really like that, starting the day over as many times as needed – that’s such a great & positive thing to do! I’m glad you shared this :o)


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