Things I Learned in the Past Week

The past week I learned to ‘go easy’ when digging a hole in the ground. I realized that I tend to go at digging a hole as if time is about to run out, and I must get it dug before either a buzzer or my energy runs out. No wonder I had difficulty walking afterward. I am now training myself to take my time, not use every muscle head to toe, let the shovel do the work, and to know that small shovelfuls are perfectly acceptable. I planted two gardenia bushes and transplanted a number of bulbs, and actually walked away.

I learned that I really like Freeze IT hairspray. I think that’s the name. The label is unclear, whoever designed it needs to get another job. But it comes in a gold spray can at Walmart, inexpensive, and works great!

I learned I can make delicious chicken pot pie gluten-free.

I learned that I am texting-impaired. Or irresponsible. I sent a lengthy text intended for my son, instead to a friend a 1000 miles aways. This is not the first time.

I learned that sometimes the very traits that make you a good writer are things the world does not appreciate at all. One must live with this, and pay no attention to what the world requires.

I learned that the way anything is done– an house cleaned, a Bible passage understood, a book written– is the same way one digs a hole, a little bit at a time, and gently is best. Also using a sharp shovel.

What did you learn the past week?

19 thoughts on “Things I Learned in the Past Week

  1. Well, it’s been “a week” for sure.

    1. I’ve learned grocery store ettiquette is more complicated than I thought. Got schooled by a woman when I reached across her to fetch a peach pie for my hubby off the “bakery markdown” shelf. At first I was all by myself at these shelves and had loaded some items into my cart a few feet away, then walked a few steps back to the markdown shelves to see if I had missed any great finds. A woman had come up to the shelves in the meantime. Unthinkingly, I reached in across her to see what kind of pie was in the box. I was only going to buy it if it was a peach pie and it was. So then the woman reaches across me and takes hold of a loaf of bread, and I said,”Oh, you found a prize!” and she lets go of it. ( I was just happy for her.) But she says, “No, I was just doing what you did to me, but I can see now that you were completely unaware that you reached across me.” So I apologized and she said “that’s okay”,..yada, yada, yada. And she walked off.

    I’m a stickler for saying “excuse me” when walking down an aisle and I have to walk in front of someone when they are standing across the aisle, scanning the shelves opposite them for a item… But then again, I may not be such a stickler about it in a very crowded store when it would be a little ridiculous to be walking down an aisle and constantly be saying “excuse me”.

    I thought she must have a negative mindset to want to “teach me a lesson” by a small act of revenge, and had I not spoken to her, the lesson would have been completely lost on me. And I am always astounded when people act in such a petty way. In the end, I made a mental note to be more aware of my manners, but I was also happy for myself , that I had the positive attitude toward her in the first place.

    2. My skin, which had greatly improved earlier in the summer has gotten much worse again due to some bad food choices. Lots of inflammation, leading to lots of time on a recliner loveseat and watching more TV than usual.

    I learned some amazing facts about America and the correlation to judgement on
    ancient Israel on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural”. I’m not going to explain all that here, but if you’re interested, here’s a link.

    3. You would think that the longer you have been married, as in almost 35 years, the easier communications would be, between a couple. But noooo, this week we had THREE big miscommunications, which led to arguments, so that we are both frustrated with what is happening and how to fix it. One very costly, money-wise. Grrrr

    I’ve learned we are going to have to work a lot harder to reconnect with each other.

    Hope you have a beautiful week!


    • Denise– I’m waving from down here. Isn’t it interesting what experiences we can have at the grocery store? Learn new stuff there every day. And there are a number of people I know who do not have television, as they view it all brainless, but I learn stuff there all the time, too. Like you, I’ve been making less than good food choices, but today I’ve done well thus far. Of course, it is only 10:30 am ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs…


  2. Once again I have to smile and wonder how you do it. How do know just exactly what to say that always seems to speak directly to what is going on in my life. There has been so many occasions that I am beginning to think your blog’s are a clear message from a higher power. I say this as I am half sitting, half lying on my sofa, wishing I had the energy to get up and get the heating pad for my aching back. (watchng the Cardinals tie up the game!) Today after church I spent 7 hours enjoying this beautiful fall day, digging a new flower bed, moving a mound of dirt,and leveling some low areas of the yard. Burning a huge pile of limbs and leaves. I was on a roll, but why did I think I had to do it all in one day? I really must learn to pace myself!!!!!!


    • Carolyn– The post, I’m sure, did come from the Holy Spirit. I heard Spirit whisper to think about all the good things I had learned in the past week. And I’d heard Spirit whisper as I was digging that hole in the manner of a mad woman. Whatever was I racing and pounding for? I think very often I go at things like that because I know that if I stop or sit down, I’m afraid I won’t get started again. ๐Ÿ™‚ And then, there is always one more thing to do. Or pride. Of course I expect my body to keep going, just like I always have. I’m reminded of a comment from the doctor, when he diagnosed my ankle as having a bone cyst.: “You are asking the ankle to do more than it can.” 

      Blessings, CurtissAnn



  3. You make me smile CurtissAnn and make me want to rush out and dig a hole!! Well almost. :o)
    What I learned this week: That I can still type with super long fingernails (bought at Walmart of course,) and that if I’m not careful, pulling up tight pants can rip them off.
    That I am quite comfortable with a microphone in front of a large group of people.
    That I really am confident about my art. I knew people would like it– it’s a gift from God after all.
    That I really do like meeting new people even though some of them don’t take to me right away.
    I love ya!


    • Oh, Maxie, life really is made up of those little lessons– like about fingernails. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad you are confident about your wonderful art talent. Nothing like confidence for inspiring others. xxxooo CA



  4. What a great post, Curtiss Ann. We all need to take your words and apply them to our daily lives.

    I just returned from my 8th 5K Run/Race….all done in less than a year since I “learned to run” through a slowly progressing program that took me from barely being able to run from drive way to drive way in our neighborhood to running 3.1 miles. That was all done by “a little bit at a time” approach.

    However, today, I was totally bummed out with my run. It was the toughest course I’d even been on….loads of hills. While I include hills in my jogs around our neighborhood….they are nothing like the ones on this run. At the mile and a half marker I had to stop and walk…..then I ran on after a bit…..only to have to stop and walk again. I did that one more time. My right leg felt like I was dragging a log around (I have a strained ham string)….anyway, I was thrilled to see that when I did finish my time was about a minute better than my last run where there was just one hill. SO, while I don’t like to walk at all during these events, I guess I had to apply your lesson…”a little bit at a time” when it comes to hills and running and my late start at this sport…and my elder body. I just have to continue to approach my running challenges “a little bit at a time”…..and that really includes those awful hills!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also realized that my tools of running (my shoes) need new insoles……they have zero “cush” left in them. That’s an important part of the running job for me…..just like having that sharp shovel is for the digging if for you!!

    Now, I’m off for a hot shower, breakfast and a NAP!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    L, Dana


  5. I have really enjoyed your writing. I regret having gotten a late start.

    One dasn’t forget to wear a pair of sturdy boots when digging holes.
    I’ve enjoyed reading about your learning experiences. As for texting, forget it; I still haven’t learned to use the cable tv remote and all I can do with a cell phone is answer the danged thing.

    Our two days of fall weather, cooler by twenty degrees and less humid, have moved me to get out back and begin repairing a hole in the hull of my home-made boat. If the wind drops off later today I should be able to finish the job. And then comes the cleaning and the painting; I may have that done by New Years.

    I too have learned not to watch the clock and accept a slower pace; I’ve also learned that afternoon naps, or reading in the reclined position, are boons which come without a guilty conscience when you reach seventy-seven.


    • Whoo-hoo for afternoon naps! I’ve taken them most of my life. Husband joined me when he retired. They are most necessary, whatever one’s age. My best for your boat work, and may you heartily enjoy it.



    • For your laugh of the day, can I tell you to imagine the look on the Verizon sales lady when my reply to her question, “What do you need your phone to do?”…was “I only need it to be a phone.”

      I was only there because after years of warning Tom to clean Kleenex out of his pocket before the pants go in the hamper, I threw my pants in the washer with my cell phone in the pocket. Haven’t warned Tom about much lately.

      Got out-of-date “new” free cell phone, I make and receive calls on it.


      • Sue– my husband is the same. He had a conversation with the cell phone company rep, said, “I just want to use the phone. Take everything else off it.” I, on the other hand, adore my iPhone to the point that I must not let it be god before God. ๐Ÿ™‚ And hubby has me looking stuff up on it all the time, and sending texts to his sisters. LOL!  



    • can’t wait for 77. Except there is much to be and see and do before then, but I won’t forget my nap. Worked well for me last week. Think I’ll keep it up. Much more flow once I gave up the push.


      • While I wait for 77, I am traveling through 69-76. I’m designing a course that runs “backwards”. (Don’t you wish you knew me? Backwards can be fun.) The World thinks we are making Bucket Lists at our age. What I am going to do is help people create a Time Travel…..For instance, you, at age 77; step into the future say to the year 87, YEAR 2022.

        Look back to your young age of 77, and create a vision of all you want to be, have experienced or do that you want to celebrate here in 2022. THen create your intentions, re-affirm your vision with visuals and actions, and start down your path. Easy, huh. And don’t you feel so young now at your current age, when this awaits you?


        • This sounds quite intriguing. I do not intend to live until 87, so I might imagine myself dead, and how that will be. I do plan to live for ten more years, and shall endeavor to imagine how that shall look. The words you use have enabled me to see the concept. Thanks!



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