Rain, and Safe from the Storm

Tropical Storm Lee blew in and broke our drought. Our rain gauge showed over 10 inches in three days.

Our house is set in what was a pecan orchard, with trees nearly a hundred years old. We lost a few limbs, but we usually do in any storm.

A tornado cut a swath a half mile to the east of us on Friday night. It came through a tree-top level, breaking pecan trees off and uprooting live oaks. Miraculously homes, even many mobile homes, were untouched, except for one that sustained a giant tree that fell on it. We give profound thanks that no one was hurt.

We lived in Oklahoma for over thirty years and never had a tornado come that close to our home. We went through drought after drought in Oklahoma and were told when we moved to South Mobile that Mobile was the wettest city in the U.S. We have now gone through a prolonged drought. Life is sure interesting, and unexpected, but always joy comes in the morning.

I walked outside on Saturday morning and found these delicate beauties.

Thank you, Nola, my dear internet friend, for these that bring joy. I pray that soon the blue skies of Texas will fill with thick, gray rain for you and all your neighbors.


4 thoughts on “Rain, and Safe from the Storm

  1. Those are gorgeous flowers! Tropical storms can be as bad as a hurricane with the amount of rain they drop. In TS Fay in 2008, we withstood 31 inches in 36 hours. We had large mouth bass swimming in our street.

    I’m glad everyone was safe and that you didn’t have too much damage! 🙂


    • Oh, my Summer, what an image you kindle! Although I’ve lived in North Carolina and Florida, I simply never paid attention to storms. Age has changed me. 🙂 I realize how fortunate we have been to get rain and at just the right amount. It would pour buckets for about ten minutes, then let up and rain softly, the perfect manner for the parched ground to take it in.

      Hugs, CurtissAnn



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