Saturday Inspiration– Rainy Day Love

We are getting rain, blessed rain! I’m tellin’ ya’, I know for a fact that the ground was rock hard at least eighteen inches down from the drought. So whoo-hoo for the rain!

I find rainy days water me just as they do the land. The rain wraps around the house and closes out the world, both relaxing and invigorating me. I read and write more, dream more, make better starts of ambition on rainy days. Today I have a cold and choose to focus my limited energy on writing on my novel, but I want to share with you bits of wisdom that have come to me today.

Love says: “It’s all right with me if you be you. It’s all right with me if I be me, too. That mean I set you free from the obligations and expectations I might contrive. I set myself free from your unrealistic obligations and expectations, too.” ~William Backus

The trick to finding writing time, then, is to write from love and not with an eye to product. ~Julia Cameron

I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions. ~James Michener

Life can’t ever really defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writer’s lover until death – fascinating, cruel, lavish, warm, cold, treacherous, constant. ~Edna Ferber

Coming at things from a motive of love generally helps things to turn out best. And now I’m off to love myself and the act of writing. ~CurtissAnn

10 thoughts on “Saturday Inspiration– Rainy Day Love

  1. I am writing from columbus texas area. We are not too far from the bastrop fires and some just off I10 at eagle lake. Seems we are surrounded by people loosing homes. Today at least weather is a little cooler and the wind is better. Just want to say how much I love your books, especially cold tea on a hot day.


    • I saw a bit on the Bastrop fires tonight on the news. I am praying for you all there in Texas. Having lived for so many years in Oklahoma, I know about these fires, and about the strain on the firemen. This is something you can know mentally, but once you see a grass fire, how the wind takes it over the plain, only then do you really know. God bless you and all your neighbors.




  2. I do hope you are all fine after the terrible storms that hit the USA. Living here in England, lack of rain is not one of our problems and this summer ( I use the word loosely) we have seen plenty of it. Sara


    • Sara, you put a smile on my face with your comment about England’s rain. When I moved to Mobile just over two years ago, I found it so wonderful lush, plenty of rain. Rains every afternoon, I was told, and experienced. Mists like in England. But then the faucet shut off and for a year the weather has turned amazingly dry. In places my grass is toast. I’m giving thanks for the abundant rainfall the past four days, and now dazzling sunshine!

      Thanks for stopping by. CurtissAnn



  3. I hope you are not getting too much rain all at once. Louisiana is not looking too good. We got a little shower last night (north of OKC) — just enough to settle the dust, but we are enjoying the nice temps (70s and 80s) after our 61 days of over 100 degrees.


    • Saw the pleasant temps in OK on the weather channel this morning, but still no rain. I remind myself that it will rain. It always does. Sending blessings, sweet friend…



    • Dear God, please send rain on Oklahoma and Texas, on the land and the thirsty souls who look to You for watering. People need rain just as much as the land. Rain, to soak into the ground, into the leaves, and to fill up the ditches, streams, and lakes. Have mercy on Oklahoma and Texas, Father. Amen. So it is.

      I love you, dear friend.



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