An Abundance of Drought

The U.S. Drought Monitor has us in the Exceptional category. By my best recollection, so far this year we have had less than 4 inches of rain, 1 inch the entire summer. The following photographs are true miracles.

The crinums bloomed, after I watered. Although short-lived, they have been profuse and a delight, lingering still.

The crepe myrtle's seemed later than normal, but oh, my, did not disappoint.

My grandmother's heirloom rose continues with sporadic blossoms. She's a tough ol' gal.

Figs! Our first ones. How does that tree do that with so little moisture? I do hope the critters leave us a few.

A very special flower, one that gives water!

He provides rain for the earth; he sends water on the countryside. ~Job 5:10, NIV

Prayer for Rain
Dear Father God, on the authority of your Word, I ask for rain to nourish our yards, pastures, and gardens, that we may live well and serve you with gladness. Amen. So it is.

To join in with Garden Blogger Bloom Day fun from around the world, visit May Dreams Gardens!

Postscript: I prayed the above prayer yesterday. Just when I thought the day was to pass with no rain, we got a misting. Clearly I could not say I did not get an answer. I reminded myself to give thanks and praise, and kept it up. Then today around noon, it began to mist, to sprinkle, a number of faint showers, and then Rain, yes, rain. We got two full showers. Bless the Lord, oh my soul!

11 thoughts on “An Abundance of Drought

  1. Curtiss Ann,

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by WMG and for your sweet comment.

    Your flowers are a miracle! Myrtles are amazing! None of those in our area, for sure.

    I am praying for rain for you and my friends in TX today.


  2. I like that we just have to be in peace and let our requests be made known to God. I made my deadline Friday getting my greens planted and today it started raining heavily, I am so happy. I hope you can enjoy your figs. When I was desperate I took newspaper squares and clothes-pinned them over each fig so the birds couldn’t see them. That wouldn’t help with the ants that get some of my figs now. I posted on GBBD too and showed What’s Fruiting Now in my yard, but the figs are still small and green. -Hannah


    • Hannah– you are the kindest heart to tell me your trick of foiling the birds! We can tell a good many figs are already gone, entire fig, so we wonder if it isn’t deer. Anyway, I’m going to attempt to protect a few, and make plans for fencing next year.




  3. Your ‘Special Flower’ is so sweet! and your postscript gave me chills…ask and ye shall receive! I’m so happy you were blessed with rain AND it was in answer to your prayer!


  4. Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!

    The crinums are beautiful. I don’t think I’ve seen those before. Where are you located that your garden is experiencing such a drought?


    • Oh, my, it would be best to identify that I am in south Alabama. The edge of the Gulf states from Texas to north Florida are in various stages of drought. Thanks for stopping by my blog.




  5. Amen. We are in the extraordinary category too. I love that you are teaching your darlings to give water. They will one day love gardening too, this fascination-obsession which keeps us out there every morning.

    Love you Rosebud,



  6. Beautiful pictures. I miss having a yard to grow things in. We live in an apartment now.

    And, I haven’t seen a fig since I was a little girl. That is so cool…and something people don’t mention much anymore. 😦

    I hopped over from Milli’s. Nice to meet you!



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