Thirty-One Days of Celebrating–Pass it on!

Vegan Gluten free Cupcakes

Image by paulr_42 via Flickr. Click on the image to go to a page that will give the gluten-free recipe.

Thirty days has September, April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,
Except for February alone,
which has twenty-eight rain or shine,
but on leap year, twenty-nine.

It is that time again–my birthday month!

Abundant life should be given abundant celebration. Certainly one’s birthday is a momentous occasion that is entitled to far more than a piddly little single day, or evening, that tradition allots.

Each day in the month of August, I attempt to purposely celebrate my birthday in some small (or large) fashion. Now is when I often say, “Oh, it’s my birthday month–spend thirty minutes on the porch…bake cookies…buy that book…or Chanel #5!”

I learned this good practice many years ago from fellow writer and wise friend, Cait London. The other day I was told by a younger friend that she had taken up the birthday-month practice and passes it on to others, too.

So, passing this idea on to you, dear reader, is my gift to you. If you have heard me speak of this practice in years past, I am reminding you now. If you have already taken it up, good for you! Let me know.

If you are new to the idea, please take it and make it your own, and pass it on.


9 thoughts on “Thirty-One Days of Celebrating–Pass it on!

  1. Happy Birthday, CurtissAnn! Enjoy your special day and big milestone birthday! We just celebrated my youngest son’s 21st today.

    I can’t believe it has been 21 years. Life is going by too fast for me. When your children are young, you are anxious to see what they will look like as an adult, what career they will choose, etc., even as you recognize that you must cherish every moment of their childhood. And when they do reach adulthood (and tower over you), you wish you could wave a magic wand to make them a certain age for a few hours, give them a hug, hold them close,… and then turn them back into an adult!


    • Dear friend, I know just what you mean about our children. But, honey, you may be able to enjoy grandchildren, and have it all over again! xxxooo CA



  2. Happy Birthday CurtissAnn! Love from your friend from the Romance Writer’s Convention 2 years ago. Love you, Joyce (the great pantyhose debate), Daytona Beach


  3. I think this is a wonderful idea. We deserve to take a full month and concentrate on us. We are always doing so much so many others, and not really thinking about taking care of our own needs and wants. I will certainly be practicing this plan come March, especially since I will be celebrating one of those “BIG” milestone birthdays!


    • Darling Carolyn– I am celebrating one of this ‘big’ milestones. This month I officially turn 60! And do you know, I was just now still rushing, guilt for not doing more prodding me on. So, I reminded myself that I do not need to rush. The world can go on without me, while I enjoy my day. Oh, life is good at this age! Hugs, CA



  4. I have friends and children of friends who have practiced this for years….now its my turn. Come February ( my birthday month) I will be celebrating 28 days of birthday.


    • You go, girlfriend! How much we can widen our lives by gratitude for them. And encouragement from friends keeps me determined to actually follow through. xxxooo CA



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