New Book Winner on a Hot Summer Day

No. 8 in the beloved Valentine Series

Congratulations to Connie Cox, fellow writer and blogger, for winning the latest giveaway! I’ll be putting copies of Little Town, Great Big Life and Cold Tea on a Hot Day in the mail to her.

My thanks to all of you for visiting my blog, celebrating the new book with me, and for your kind and generous comments about my books. To know that my stories are enjoyed and give respite from a quite hectic at times world gives me, as a writer, such satisfaction. It is great encouragement to keep writing. Is there any better gift for anyone, than encouragement? Thank you, thank you all.

Now, speaking of some cold tea on a hot day, that is just what is needed around here these days. Summer has arrived! When I awoke just at sunrise, the outside of every single window was sweat-lined from the humidity. Here is a photo of crinum lilies beneath the pecan tree. They are foggy, because the camera lens fogged in the humidity. Peaceful in the early sultry morning. I hold the feeling in my heart as I walk barefoot in the wet grass.

crinum 'roxie'

There’s only one thing to do on these sultry days — read some good books. I just finished Tears of the Giraffe, which is the second book of the #1 Ladies Detective Agency Books. If you have not read them, give yourself the treat.



12 thoughts on “New Book Winner on a Hot Summer Day

  1. “Cold Tea on a Hot Day” was one of the best books I’ve ever read! Ranks right up there with “Love Comes Softly” and “At Home in Mitford”! Now I’m going to get the rest of the Valentine series and read them in order. Thanks for such delightful reading – – –


  2. Congrats to your winners. How lucky they are to receive a book of yours.
    I finally got my first book of yours Little Town, Great Big Life and enjoyed every page of it. It isn’t often that I find a book that is hard to put down so thank you for writing this for all of us to enjoy.
    I hope you are doing well
    Take care


  3. Hello Curtiss Ann,

    I just wanted to drop by and say hello. I hope all is well with you. I haven’t be able to visit you as things have happened and was away from being online for a while. Glad to be visiting again.

    Congratulations to the winner!

    Oh and summer. I sure wish the sun would peek one of these days. It seems all we are experiencing these past few days is rain rain rain! Heavy rains I must say. At times, the fog is so thick it’s hard to travel at times.

    Now, walking barefoot on the grass . . . it has been a lloooooooooonggggggggg time 🙂



  4. You were so awesome to host your book giveaways! I feel so lucky to have been the recipient of one of those giveaways!

    Hope you two enjoyed your anniversary…..your bike sounds great!!

    Have a wonderful weekend…it’s POURING here. I got soaked at our farmer’s market a bit ago. At least it’s pretty warm, so I wasn’t freezing. The drive home was horrible…..streets were flooding and folks were stalling out. I’m glad a have a high off the ground vehicle at times like that!

    L, Dana


  5. Hurrah! I am SO thrilled to be your winner. I will be watching for the mailman every day! Your books are perfect for enjoying on a steamy Louisiana day. Picture me one happy reader despite the 105 degree heat index and 89% humidity we’ve already had.


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