Revival Going On Here

I have been absent from the blog, and this time that is a very good thing. I’ve been writing on a new novel and some other things. There’s something of a revival going on within my writer self.

There’s also a great revival of garden life. Some of you may remember a couple of months ago when we planted my grandmother’s roses. They were only sticks.

Now look at them!

The rose bush that started out nearly 60 years ago in North Carolina, moved to Oklahoma and grew large, then split into three bushes in transplanting to Alabama.

All three flourishing!

Some of you might remember, too, my heartache at forgetting my nearly thirty-year-old Christmas cactus plant and leaving it out in the freezing temps the past winter. I had thought it dead.

Sometimes, if we just don’t give up, and keep being patient, and give just a tiny bit of nurturing, new life springs forth.

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. ~ Chinese proverb

Blessings, CurtissAnn

8 thoughts on “Revival Going On Here

  1. I am never good at growing flowers . . . or any plant for that matter. . . . Yes, I guess I really need to learn to be more patient and nurturing when it comes to this area. Seeing those plain looking “sticks” on the ground and then seeing those leaves grow in them feels so rewarding! It;s like on day you get to get a nice surprise . . . a priceless surprise I might add (and its roses! 🙂 )

    I guess I need to “plant” that Chinese proverb in my mind too 🙂 “Slowly but surely, yes? 🙂



  2. Don’t you just love the resurrection of spring? Me too. Your grandmother’s rose is doing great here, but I may move her to another spot I have which is empty. Love you.~~Dee


    • Just bend a cane to the ground this summer, cover with a bit of dirt and a brick. It will root by next year, and you will have two!

      Xxoo CA

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  3. Great to see how your plants are doing. We are like that–we survive moves and adversities and eventually bloom again!


  4. It is wonderful and amazing to have such a piece of personal family history with you that you can nurture like your Grandmother’s Roses. What a Blessing! As is your revival of your writing self.

    I just noticed that my humble blog abode appears in your Life Down Here On Earth list and I wanted to Thank You! I’m honored.

    I think it’s high time I turn my recent upheaval into a revival!


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