The Winner is…and Another Giveaway

Wendy Burton is the winner of the large print edition of Chin Up, Honey! She has a lovely and inspiring blog–Winns Angels. I am touched and inspired by her most recent post about why she shares her writings.

It has taken me much longer than I had expected to get back here and choose a winner. Are your days like mine? You start out with a very good plan–or what you think is a good plan–only to have life intervene. Yesterday all plans went flying, when my small grandson got sick. Life’s plans were much better than mine, at least for me, because I got to spend a great deal of time quietly holding a toddler. It seems that my plans get things done, while life’s plans make memories.

New Giveaway! It’s that time again, and if you did not know, the stores are putting Christmas decorations up now at the first of November! I took my mother to the eye doctor two weeks ago, and they already had a Christmas tree up! Some think this is too early, but I say bring it on. More time to spread joy and cheer!

To do my part, I’m going to give away one each of my Christmastime books– the hardcover gift edition of Miracle on I-40 and number five in the Valentine series, Recipes for Easy Living to two lucky winners, chosen at random, of course, from those who leave comments on this post. To add interest, I invite you to share with us a small but precious memory or tradition, or a book, that you hold at this time of year.

This time we’ll keep it short–I will choose the winner this Saturday, November 21, 2009.



11 thoughts on “The Winner is…and Another Giveaway

  1. Too late to join the book give away but I hope it’s not to late to share my Christmas tradition memory. When I was a little girl, my Uncle Bob climbed up on the roof every Christmas Eve after the kids had gone to bed. He pounded on the roof like reindeer and shook big bells and yelled “Ho, Ho, Ho” How could we not believe in Santa when we could hear him up on the roof with your own ears. Julie


    • Oh, Julie, thanks for sharing such a wonderful memory! And maybe giving a few people some ideas. 🙂

      Thanks, too, for dropping by so often throughout the year and leaving your kind comments. I feel as if I know you face to face!

      Hugs, CurtissAnn


  2. I love your books and look forward to the next one in the Valentine series. I just finished reading “A Redbird Christmas” by Fannie Flagg.


  3. Holiday memory? it would be last Christmas, my husband’s last on earth. All during our married life, he rarely bought me perfume, because he could never remember the kind I used. It is Chantily, which I have been using since I was 16 when my grandmother gave me my first bottle. I gave up years ago trying to remind Hubby of what kind of fragrance I liked, and was my sister who gave me Chantily gifts. After he became invalid he rarely bought me anything at all, just giving me cash for the holiday. But last Christmas, he shopped for me and when I opened my gift, I was stunned to find a large bottle of Chantily. Nuff said.


  4. Thank you so much Curtiss Ann for the mention of my blog and for all your lovely give aways. I adore what you have said, “It seems that my plans get things done, while life’s plans make memories.” Beautiful.

    The thing about Christmas which I would like to mention at this instance is the Christmas music. I adore Christmas, but really try not to get overly caught up in the hustle and bustle, the worries and stress. Just not worth it.

    And please put my name back if I would happen to be randomly chosen. I’d like to give the others a chance while I absolutely adore the idea of receiving one of your books. As you noticed I have recently been chosen as the recipient of another give away as well.

    Angels be with you.


  5. One year we watched a show on the Food Network about a company that sells old time candy. My youngest son, then 12 years old, was fascinated with the idea of candy cigarettes and wanted to try them. Remember them? So I ordered every kind of candy cigarette (ie. plain white, chocolate, bubble gum in all the different name brands) they had for Christmas, along with a few other candies like wax fangs. I wrapped each box of cigs separately. So on Christmas morning he was opening up box after box of cigarettes and his two older brothers and DH and I kept shouting out “Another box of cigarettes!’ and giggling our heads off.

    (None of us smoke so I wasn’t worried about glorifying the idea of smoking.)

    I would love to win Recipes for Easy Living! It is one of the few books of yours I don’t own.


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