Chin Up, Honey–Large Print

9781602855960I must share with you the cover of the large print edition of Chin Up, Honey. Now, that is a cover! Of all the covers on my books through the years, this has to be my very favorite. A woman walking on, head high. I suppose that is the theme of all my books. And it is a pleasant image. I am known for writing ‘feel-good’ books. Just looking at that cover gives a pleasant feel.

The large print is hardback, but they need to be to giving you something extra for your money–the cost is a whopping $31.95! Most of the large print editions are sold to libraries, of course, but they are available special order from any bookstore, and they are listed on and BooksaMillion. I have not checked the other online stores, but I imagine the book is available from many sources.

I have to say, I find the large print a relief to read these days, so remember the book when you are looking for a gift. The large print of any book would make a great gift for older folks, or writers. We writers all wear thick glasses.

Here’s something really funny: We held the book up to my Sweetie-pie and asked him, “Who’s this?” He replied, “Nana!” It is so lovely that my grandson sees me in such a light.

This week I experienced the bitter-sweet finale to the crafting of the Valentine Series. I completed the final editorial changes for the last book of the series, Little Town, Great Big World, which will be available in June 2010, I think. I’ll keep you apprised. It is time for me to move on, but the folks in the town of Valentine remain in my heart.

To celebrate the coming holidays and this beautiful cover, I will give away a copy of the hard cover large print Chin Up, Honey to some lucky person who leaves a comment on this post. The winner will be chosen at random, just say hello.



17 thoughts on “Chin Up, Honey–Large Print

  1. I am a long-time fan of your books and you have made my life richer by writing them. I just found your web page and was amused to read you live with “a number of cats”. I also live with a number of cats and the number gets larger in cold weather. I have watched cats I have never seen before coming down the sidewalk and turning in at my driveway as if there were a hobo sign for catfood. My basement has a dog door and I sometimes say there is a feral cat convention being held in the cellar.
    Please keep writing, I have nearly memorized some of your Valentine books.
    Cindy in Kansas.


  2. I don’t know who was lucky enough to win the book, but if anyone has not read Miracle On I-40, I highly recommend this book! It might not be my all time favorite Curtis Ann Matlock story, but it is right there on top, and is the PERFECT book, when you just want to lose yourself in a Christmas story. Julie


  3. Curtiss Ann,

    I am SO sorry to hear that the Valentine series will be ending! I love all of them, and feel as though I am personally acquainted with them! I spent my first 40 years in Madill, a small town in southern OK near the Red River, before moving to Massachusetts. Talk about culture shock! Reading the next/last Valentine book will be bittersweet for me. I do love the cover of the LP Chin Up, Honey, and thoroughly enjoyed the book. I pounced upon it in the store and devoured it like chocolate! Please keep your books coming; they are each a treasure on my bookshelf.


  4. Oh. the folks from the wonderful town of Valentine will remain in my heart also. I just love them all, and will treasure Little Town, Great Big World, knowing it is the final in the series.


  5. Curtiss Ann~~~

    Don’t know how I missed your last few posts on my blogroll, oh…it makes me mad!! Because I knew you took a little break… But I am happy to see this post and see that you have this hardcover out. Of course I’d like to win it!! Without sounding totally misinformed, has the softcover come out? (embarrassed face).

    I am also having a little giveaway if you would like to come by. I always enjoy your visits, my friend.

    And BTW, I could use the large print!



  6. I discovered your book “Chin Up Honey” on the new book shelf at my local Library. I went back and read the first 6 books. My library (Farmington Hills, Michigan) had to “inter-loan” some of them for me.
    I am a HUGE Fan !!!
    What have you written that was optioned for film ?? Any of the “Valentine Series” ??
    Thank you for your amazing talent & sharing it with me.
    Suzi Connors


  7. I love the cover, too, and I love being Nana (going on seven times over.)

    I’m sorry to hear the Valentine series is ending, but I have enjoyed it–and the rest of your “stuff” (why do we use that word?)–for years. Thanks for the pleasure.


  8. Hello! (you said just say “hello”… 😉

    Anymore when I request a book for my library, I request the Large Print Edition. Doesn’t guarantee a LP, but there is a chance. I much prefer the bigger print.

    I sure hope the publisher sticks with the June 2010 pub date for LTGBW.

    Have you started decorating for the Holidays yet?


  9. When I saw the photo, I immediately wondered if that was you on the cover, since the lady in the photo is apparently “pressing on”! Sweetie-pie is right, it does look like Nana!
    I love large print! If I can purchase a book in large print, I do so. After reading, I donate the book to my local library. In this small town, our large print section isn’t nearly large enough, so I feel like I’m doing a good deed!
    Can’t wait till the book hits the stores, but it will be sad to say “goodbye” to the folks of Valentine.


  10. Several years ago I wrote to Ms. Matlock after reading her book “A Time To Keep”. She not only wrote me back but also gave me advice on my own writing. She was a great inspiration and a great study for my own writing. I wish her and her family the best and wish her good luck on her book sales.


  11. I was excited to find one of “my” authors has a blog. I’m looking forward to the next Valentine book, but in the meantime would love the large print of Chin Up, Honey. Does Valentine really have to come to a close? I love those people!


  12. would love to win large print for 80 year old mother in law, the book was lovely and she would enjoy it. thanks for all your wonderful characters, i will miss the valentine people too, but your books are ones i re-read.


  13. I agree. The cover is lovely. I just want to follow along behind her to see where she takes me.

    Glad your enjoying life in your new home. And spending time with your ‘grand’.



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