Open to Surprises

Daffodils are coming up all over the place around here. Even right in the lawn and pathways where we walk.


I was surprised to see them coming up at this time of year. Where I have lived, much further north, they did not sprout out until spring. Then I read that this is normal for down here. I guess they sit around all winter, waiting for spring to bloom. I’ll be watching them.

And these, loropetalum, I think. See their flowers. They look rather multi-colored in the pic, but they are actually a solid bright magenta. I pruned them, and then they came on with the flowers. What a lovely surprise.


The azalea by the pond has bravely been putting out blooms, one here, two there, all fall.

100_1770We have moved my mother down from Oklahoma now. She has, of course, been uncertain about this new arrangement of living with us. She especially wanted to have a microwave in her bedroom so that she could have her morning instant coffee in peace. Having embraced the invention of instant coffee when it appeared (what? ’50s?) she has drunk this coffee for the majority of her 83 years.

This morning my mother came into the kitchen, saying, “Coffee smells good.” Surprise! Since moving in, she has not even opened her instant coffee, preferring instead Bigstreetrod’s brew–stick the cup to the maker spout and it fills. I guess that’s pretty instant.

I’ve learned that when something looks very dire to remind myself: “One never knows what might happen. Expect a good surprise.”

Now I have to post this and run outside and look at the daffodils, see what more may have sprung up. I look everyday. This new home is sure a constant surprise.



5 thoughts on “Open to Surprises

  1. I was wondering about your mother the other day. I knew the plan was that she live with you. I hope things are working out well. That she enjoys her new space. And that your bulbs bloom with abandon!


  2. Lucky you! It seems other flower lovers lived there before you did, what a treat to have lovelies already popping up.
    I had to smile when I read about your mom and her instant coffee. My mom, who would be 87 now, drank it faithfully all of her life. She travelled with a tiny jar of Folgers instant and some Sweet-N-Low packets in her bag wherever she went! Guess I’m just as bad; I’m so used to our Hamilton Beach brewmaster that I hate to go somewhere and actually have to pick up a pot or carafe! Slap the mug up there and fill ‘er up; I can do that even half asleep!


  3. What a treat to know you’ll have daffodils in a few weeks. I’m glad the transition for you and your Mother has gone smoothly. Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.


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