Outdoor Wednesday


I made it! Finally got some blogging time and photos to take part in Outdoor Wednesday. I’m tickled as a dog with two tails. My thanks to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for sponsoring this inspiring theme that encourages me to look at my own backyard, as well as the opportunity to see beauty from other blogs.

These surprises started popping up here and there around the yard of my new home. Such gifts! Thanks to a couple of garden bloggers, I learned they are red spider lilies, often called Hurricane Lilies, because they bloom at hurricane season. They send up these lovely blooms on tall stalks, then the leaves will come later.

spider lilies1

I’ve been wondering the name of this shrub that grows between my two tiny ponds~100_1638

Then I was looking through Alabama & Mississippi Gardener’s Guide and found it! Fatsia. What a funny name. I adore it!

These banana plants are favorites of Bigstreetrod. I did not like them. Then–surprise! I discovered this one blooming. Beautiful!banana bloom

Last week, I looked up and saw, rather horrified, one half of an enormous pecan tree was dead as a doornail. I went around to look, and here is what I found.lightning tree

Half the tree is truly dead. I swear I did not see the tree ailing, and I had mowed beneath it only a week prior. We wonder if it was struck by lightning. Or is that some odd pattern made by a tree-killing insect or disease? I am loathe to cut it and intend to wait until spring.

Lastly, I was excited to see the first buds on the camellias! The first camellias I’ve ever had. I hope they’re pink!camelia buds

It occurs to me that I’ve been speaking of many surprises. All except for the pecan tree have been delightful, and even the pecan tree is interesting. I watch the tree, wondering: what next?

I think of the people who planted all this years before. Surely the pecan farmer, when he planted the trees, never thought ahead to how someone like myself would come along and be in love with them. I imagine the person who planted the lilies, see a woman going about the yard digging a hole and plopping in a bulb, no doubt thinking she was planting only for herself. And each of the other bushes. Here I am now getting great pleasure in seeing the beauty. We rarely give thought to how small, seemingly insignificant actions on our part can be great blessings to others. That is the natural working of life.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. ~Romans 8:27-29.



8 thoughts on “Outdoor Wednesday

  1. The spider lily appeals to me, and is new to me. Thanks for sharing these photos here. Your poor dear pecan tree, and I do love to buy pecans in the shell, they are a yummy treat.


  2. What lovely flowers, and I’m like you – I don’t know the names of things, I don’t know why they do what they do, but I still love to look! Plants interest me. Thanks for stopping by my blog, please come back again and stay while. Have a great week!


  3. Hi CurtissAnn
    It’s so nice to hear from you! I’m sure you have been enjoying your first summer in your new home. The hurricane lilies are so pretty!
    That pecan tree does look like it was hit my lightening but I’d have an expert look at it in case there is some sort of beetle or fungus infestation so you don’t lose other trees. We sadly saw so many pine trees standing dead in National Forests in the west because of a disease that was spreading faster than wildfire!
    Hugs, Pat


  4. The last line of your post is so touching…isn’t it that way with flowers and plants? I hope that all the pretty things I own and use in my home will someday be loved by my children in their homes. I know Emily is ready to make off with a few things already!!

    The tree does look like it has some sort of disease. Whether it is a disease or insect damage, it can spread, especially in a warm climate like yours. You might want to have a tree specialist check it out.

    The spider lilies are gorgeous and I think the plant with the flower coming out the center might be in the bromliad family. And…I have only seen a camelia in a flower arrangement, so please post it when it blooms!

    Thank you for your thoughtful wishes. We will be getting more news from my father’s doctor soon…

    Enjoy the rest of your week, CurtisAnn.



  5. Guess this makes moving much pleasure. You have gifts waiting for you! And yes, it is interesting to think of the previous homeowners who planted them.

    I like the spider lillies, and I wonder why Fatsia 🙂 Your banana plant has a heart. Do you call it too? We call it “puso ng saging”, meaning “heart of the banana” :-). Speaking of banana,sent you an email 🙂



  6. How wonderful to have so many autumn blooming plants. Love the textured leaf of the banana plant and it’s pink flower. Show us the camelia when it blooms.

    That is very strange about the pecan tree. It almost looks like the one side was burned… I wonder if you cut off the dead limbs if new growth would appear, but like you said maybe wait and see. Or call an arborist to come have a look.


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