Home Sweet Home, at last

Let me just say that moving a household, after nearly twenty-five years in one place, half way across the country, is not an endeavor for sissies. Obviously I’m a bold woman–I’m also moving my blog, again.

There’s nothing like staying at home for real comfort. ~Jane Austen

I had thought we would be settled at our new home in several months. I had even promised my agent to have a new book proposal and chapters to her in September. Oh, how I have underestimated this moving job! I first saw our south Alabama home online last September, then in person in October. Now one year later, and we are finally here, although far from settled.

My office reading nook–shelves await books, as the entire house awaits with much promise.


Look closer. The position of the pillow illustrates perfectly our lives at the moment–upside down!


I feel quite like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz–swept up, tossed about, then dumped out helter-skelter in a strange land. I have not yet found a hair dresser, nor, most importantly, a massage therapist. If anyone knows of either in Mobile, Alabama, please let me know.) Just today we got telephones hooked up, and are instantly getting wrong numbers.

I have been very happy with my homes, but homes really are no more than the people who live in them. ~Nancy Reagan.

Last week we sold our Oklahoma house, and this week Bigstreetrod finally joined me here in Alabama, so it really does feel like home. We now set about getting things in order, although we’re starting out with a lot of porch-sitting and talking about what to do next. As Bigstreetrod says, “These things have to stay in the planning stages for a while.”

What feels good is that I’m writing this from my new office, a room that makes me smile each time I enter it. I let go of a lot of furniture I no longer needed and am settling in with a more simple style. Little by little order is not no much made as emerges. During the process, I discover anew the truth of the old saying: home is where the heart is.

11 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home, at last

  1. Congratulations on the move to your new home. It already looks and sounds like you have a plan to settle in and make it what you want.

    Last week I visited my favorite used book store and surprise…I found some of your books. Of course they went into my basket and I’m looking forward to reading them soon.

    Welcome to the Southeast.



  2. Blessings to you and your new home. It certainly is a big and lengthy endeavor to move and then to get settled in.
    It sounds like you are slowly and steadily progressing toward being settled in.
    Re your previous post: don’t you love the hope of someone who plants a tree? That is such a gift for future generations.
    The pecan tree farmer, or when my husband and I long ago planted an olive tree, or the farmer who planted the 80 year old walnut tree that we enjoyed.
    Thank you gardeners and tree planters.


  3. Hello! I am so glad you are going to join in with “Doors of Welcome”. I think it should be a fun time! I am having a great time getting acquainted with you. How exciting to move! I know how much work it would be, but I would love to move somewhere else. I want to live where there are seasons.
    I REALLY enjoyed your quote from Jane Austen. It pretty much says it all, huh?
    Thanks for sharing! I’ll be back!
    Karen – Some Days Are Diamonds


  4. Hello, CurtissAnn and welcome home!! In both regards! I am assuming by your last line that you like your new home. As long as you like your office I’m happy…looking forward to that new book!! 🙂

    I haven’t moved in 23 years (as long as I have been married). However, we recently renovated our lake house and everything had to be packed up. Now completed (well…almost), I go each weekend and open a few boxes, hang a few pictures. I savor each step the way I savor eating a chocolate ice cream cone. And I know when to stop, when enough is enough. Someday I will want to add new things and for now, well simplicity seems to be good for my soul.

    Wishing you the best in your new home, town and writing endeavor!



  5. Moved from one home to another, and one blog to another too! 🙂

    Hello CurtissAnn! You’ll be extra busy with things in the home and a promised future book? Love your corner of reading by the way, and how cute turning that pillow LOL

    Hope everything will run smooth as days go by.

    Nice to see you onwordpress too. They do have an organized dashboard, don’t you think? 🙂


  6. I’ll follow you no matter where you move. Oh, didn’t mean that to sound so much like a stalker! I mean that I’ll follow your blog, no matter where you or the blog are!
    Don’t worry about the “getting settled”, I hate to admit this, but we were here 2 years as of last month. I still have photos and other wall art in boxes! Oh, well, someday…


  7. Congratulations on the sale of your home, but Oklahoma and those who live here will certainly miss you and Bigstreetrod. Don’t forget us! Blessings for your new life in Mobile.


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