I Finished! The End!

I finished the novel re-write on Friday. Actually, it was such a re-write as to be a completely new book after consulting with an editor. Was it two years ago? More?

Whoo-hoo! Like the turtle who finally gets across the road without being flattened, what a relief, and a joy, and a sense of gratitude, and pride, and back to relief. I have no idea of why I needed to finish. I only know that it was important to me.

Needing to finish could be something as simple as the fact that I have finished every novel that I have started. This novel is much like the first novel I ever wrote. It took me years, as did the first novel, and I wrote the whole thing before seeking publication and because I wanted to write a novel. That’s probably the most delightful thing, that I wanted to write this novel, and to please myself, and I’ve done both.

No novel has ever come out the wonderful way I envision when I first start. This one is the same–in so many ways I wish it could be better, different. And it does need editing, of course, especially the final chapter. Ever since I wrote ‘the end’, I’ve thought of things I need to go back and put in. But mostly I am quite satisfied. I have this sense of completion and that I have done well the task set before me.

I now turn to deciding the book’s future. There are so many avenues open to writers today, and I’m getting about deciding on a path for publication.

First I do need to title the book. Yes, I write a book without knowing the title, counting on the book to reveal the title. Hey, Steinbeck did that, too, so I’m in good company. My husband was one of the main people to help me title a book, and now I no longer have his help. Here is the growing list of titles.

  • The Journal of Carley Love
  • Forever and Ever, Amen
  • The Last Love Woman
  • According to Carley Love

Reader friends, I invite (implore) your feedback on these titles. Even if you hate some, or all, please leave your comments below. There’s no need to know what the book is about, other than my heroine is named Carley Love, obviously, Love being the middle name. Those of you who have read my books know this one is a relationship book, women’s fiction, family, quite a bit of humor, a lot like a country music song– Oh, maybe I could at that to the title list–A Lot Like a Country Song.