Happy 2018! New Book, New Camper, New Purpose

Happy New Year, Dear Reader Friends!

We are full into it now. People back to work, some want to, some don’t. Some already have their trees down, decorations all cleared away. I wish. Our children don’t go to school for another couple of days here, and I’m glad. I like to ease into this new year.

I think of you now out there, maybe like me, snuggled in warm clothes and a blanket, with a dog beside you, all of us letting go of yet another year— saying goodbye 2017, with a mixture of sadness and gratitude, and yes, quite likely some relief. For me personally, 2017 has been a tough year, but also maybe the year in which I’ve had quite a bit of growth. I believe the tough times are times of growth. Each year has its tragedies, as well as it’s triumphs.

Among my triumphs for 2017, are two close to my heart. The first was the purchase of my little travel trailer. That step took putting on the big-girl panties, I can tell you, and then actually going out there in her—I named her Little Lucy.

As I write that, I think of my most recent camping trip, with my young grandson. I see him in memory standing back there, trying to guide me in backing into the camping space, and getting just as annoyed as any grown man trying to direct a woman driver who just can’t seem to remember which way to turn to get the camper going the right direction. In the end, though, I got it good enough—a small triumph!

The second big triumph is that on December 30, I wrote The End on the final page of a new novel, the first I have written in ten years.

There is nothing sweeter than accomplishing something you set out to do, something dear to your heart, and something which caused you to persevere through all manner of distractions, hinderance and blocks. Many a time I threw in the towel because of responsibilities that sucked my time and energy. Just as many times, I picked up the towel and began again.

I suppose there is a lesson: Don’t ever stop starting over, trying again, and keeping on. It doesn’t mean we don’t change our direction. I see that I have. The book I finished isn’t the one I had intended. It is one that just came to me, and at a particularly trying, wearing time in my life. I grabbed the writing as I would have a lifeline to keep me from sinking. And I kept coming back to the lifeline again and again.

My word for 2017 was Nurture, and perhaps where I find myself today, with renewed energy, health, and direction, is because I was guided by the word nurture deep in my mind.

My word for 2018 is Purpose. Everything starts there.

I purpose to love.

I purpose to be grateful, hopeful, faithful.

I purpose to write.

I purpose to camp.

I purpose to live the life I have been given.

God bless us all. We are on our way!