Standing Up On The Inside

Good Sunday morning! Cool 69* here! Open windows, and I went to put on a robe. A summer weight robe, but one all the same. Perfect weather, because I’m still bare-footin’. No breeze, not a ripple of a tree leaf, peaceful and quiet, except for a very noisy scolding squirrel, who appears quite upset about something. He should be upset. Yesterday evening I was standing under a pecan tree and got hit in the head by a piece of pecan shell. Broken pecan shells litter the ground beneath the trees, the squirrels getting what few nuts the old trees have produced this year.

The sun’s golden rays paint the trees far across the pasture, and the tip-top of this old pecan tree. A new day stretches. Another 24 hours of my life. What will I do with it? I know one thing–no work. I’m a workaholic and have to be stern with myself on this issue. There’s just so much to be done around here, and I find myself saying, “Oh, I’ll just clean up this…” Today none of that. Today is only Fun! Well, I do have fun working.

Then I think of this quote by the late great author Reynold’s Price: “Strength just comes in one brand – you. Stand up at sunrise and meet what they send you and keep your hair combed.”

The quote gives me a smile. My hair is very often uncombed, and I’m often kneeling or sitting at sunrise, but I’m standing up on the inside, and there’s nothing else to do but meet what the day sends.

Sending love to all.