Change What You Can

My goodness, sunrise is not now until 6:38. Time marching on into fall, no matter the warmth of this early morning. The air is heavy, so heavy and quiet, sparse bird sounds here and there, and yes the crickets. So funny how they are in perfect rhythm and a background that goes unnoticed mostly. Cicadas will likely come later, as the sun dawns with heat. It rained–thank goodness!–yesterday evening, and the dampness is fresh, with a thin fog laying over the pasture and yard.

With the Audubon Bird app, I figured out that the ghostly bird call I heard last week was a loon. And now it isn’t calling. Guess it was just passing through. Makes me think how everything in life is just passing through. Sometimes the visit is a long one, but eventually everything does pass on. One thing constant in the world is change. I’m glad some of it is very slow, like the seasons.

Lots of things on tap today, and I give thanks for that. I have to say that I never have in my life been bored. So many things to see and do, and change, if I can. I’m looking at what I can change in order to write more. How can I say no to other things and yes to writing. I did that for years and wrote all day long. But then again, I’m in a new season of my life.

God bless us all…have a good time today!