eBooks on Sale and a Question

Miracle On I-40 Christmas Comes to Valentine Christmas Homecoming
Available only on Amazon Kindle

I overheard this snippet yesterday:

“No. No Christmas shopping or decorating until after Thanksgiving,” declared the man.

“But I have almost all of my Christmas bought,” replied the woman with a smile.

Those of us who would prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas separately are swimming upstream. And really, the longer we can celebrate, the better, I say. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate and keep Christmas in our hearts all year long, as Charles Dickens put forth? I like to think my books contribute to the idea.

Thus the Christmas sale on books has begun. All three are exclusive to Amazon Kindle and will be on sale all month. The single version of Miracle On I-40 and Christmas Comes to Valentine ebooks are discounted now. Christmas Homecoming, 2-in-one will be discounted over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I started re-reading Christmas Comes to Valentine, and I admit to being delighted. It is for me not at all as if I have written it. It has been so long that I have forgotten the story. I wish, as so many have told me, to take refuge in Valentine and among the people there.

You can see on the cover of this digital edition the info: Formerly published as Recipes for Easy Living. There are original paperback editions of the book with that title and cover still for sale. There are recipes in the book. The editors and I thought we were being clever. The only problem was that so many readers expected a cookbook. At one booksigning event, a woman picked up the book to buy, saying, “Oh, I’d like a new cookbook.” I told her that it wasn’t a cookbook but a novel. She thrust it back into my hands, saying, “I thought it was a cookbook,” and walked away. I think Christmas Comes to Valentine suits much better. Don’t know why we didn’t do that at the outset.

I am reading much more on my Kindle Fire tablet. Picture my eyes rolling. I thoroughly dislike reading on a screen, as I have repeatedly explained. Lately, with more digital reading, I’ve been contemplating purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite. For those of you who have a Paperwhite, is it more easy to read? Is it more like a book? Any information on digital readers will be greatly appreciated.