eBooks on Sale and a Question

Miracle On I-40 Christmas Comes to Valentine Christmas Homecoming
Available only on Amazon Kindle

I overheard this snippet yesterday:

“No. No Christmas shopping or decorating until after Thanksgiving,” declared the man.

“But I have almost all of my Christmas bought,” replied the woman with a smile.

Those of us who would prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas separately are swimming upstream. And really, the longer we can celebrate, the better, I say. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate and keep Christmas in our hearts all year long, as Charles Dickens put forth? I like to think my books contribute to the idea.

Thus the Christmas sale on books has begun. All three are exclusive to Amazon Kindle and will be on sale all month. The single version of Miracle On I-40 and Christmas Comes to Valentine ebooks are discounted now. Christmas Homecoming, 2-in-one will be discounted over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I started re-reading Christmas Comes to Valentine, and I admit to being delighted. It is for me not at all as if I have written it. It has been so long that I have forgotten the story. I wish, as so many have told me, to take refuge in Valentine and among the people there.

You can see on the cover of this digital edition the info: Formerly published as Recipes for Easy Living. There are original paperback editions of the book with that title and cover still for sale. There are recipes in the book. The editors and I thought we were being clever. The only problem was that so many readers expected a cookbook. At one booksigning event, a woman picked up the book to buy, saying, “Oh, I’d like a new cookbook.” I told her that it wasn’t a cookbook but a novel. She thrust it back into my hands, saying, “I thought it was a cookbook,” and walked away. I think Christmas Comes to Valentine suits much better. Don’t know why we didn’t do that at the outset.

I am reading much more on my Kindle Fire tablet. Picture my eyes rolling. I thoroughly dislike reading on a screen, as I have repeatedly explained. Lately, with more digital reading, I’ve been contemplating purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite. For those of you who have a Paperwhite, is it more easy to read? Is it more like a book? Any information on digital readers will be greatly appreciated.


9 thoughts on “eBooks on Sale and a Question

  1. Well hello Curtiss Ann! I was pleased to see your post pop up!
    It’s been so long since I’ve actually logged in on WordPress, I was afraid I might not even be able to.
    Since 2014 I’ve owned and learned to read on my Kindle Paperwhite (6th generation). I’m an old school type who prefers books over digital, but a fracture put me out of commission in 2014, so I learned to adapt. Friends helped me get set up, and for several months I read exclusively on my Paperwhite. I’m not familiar with the Fire, so I can’t compare, but I’ll give you my limited insight on the Paperwhite (albeit an 8 yr old model; there may be significant improvements to the current models).
    It’s small, lightweight, & very portable (fits well in all but my very smallest purse). When traveling, it’s nice to have several books to choose from without the bulk.
    The background and print is easy on the eyes; no glare, ability to adjust brightness & size of text.
    I can buy or borrow a book in seconds (a big deal since I’m about 45 minutes from a brick and mortar bookstore). It charges really fast & holds a charge well (although i have to carry a separate cable, it’s not compatible with my iPhone charger).
    The reality is, though, that since I have the Kindle App on my phone & tablet, I often turn to one of those first, simply because they are rarely out of reach. Also, most of the books I’ve bought or borrowed lately can be read audibly from my kindle app by Alexa (apps are not available on my Kindle).
    Be sure and post your decision on whether or not you buy a Paperwhite & what your thoughts are.

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    • Nola–
      Thank you so very much for sharing your info and experience with the Paperwhite! You have tipped the scales for me. I’m getting a Paperwhite on Black Friday. 🙂 The glare on the Kindle Fire is what has made me hesitate–that and dang, but I have a hard time highlighting on the thing, and I love to highlight text that strikes me. I, too, do adore that I can have instant gratification, getting a book with one click.
      Thanks again,


  2. I totally agree with you about swimming upstream if you are trying to keep Christmas after Thanksgiving however I must confess to watching the odd Christmas Hallmark movie which started on my birthday- 21 October! I only read my kindle when traveling and taking books too cumbersome. But with my 83 year old eyes , having the words lit up and font size choices I may succumb more in the future. Have those Valentine books and have reread several times- thank you!

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    • Diane,
      A very happy birthday to you. And yes, there are Christmas movies that I can watch any time. Thank you for letting me know you enjoy my stories. Slowly, very slowly, I grow to appreciate digital books, mostly, as you say, because I can easily bring them with me.


  3. I love my Kindle Paperwhite. One of the best things is that I can read in the dark. I’ve never read books on anything but a Kindle so idk how it compares to tablets, etc. But what I notice now when I read a print book is that the book is heavy. (My hands ache after a lot of use.) It’s awkward to read if I’m lying in bed. And I need the light on. I love the portability of a Kindle. Easy to slip into a purse. It’s not like a physical book. But the trade-off is, imo, worth it. Btw, I love your books!

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    • Thank you, Barbara! Helpful info on the Paperwhite! I prop everything on a pillow on my lap, just because of the same discomforts that you mention. And also because I ache, I no longer read in bed, but on the couch. Picture my eyes rolling. 🙂


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