Love in a Small Town, lessons in the love of publishing

Love in a Small Town

Love in a Small Town

Love in a Small Town has been re-released in digital and is now available in a number of new venues:
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It is coming in Kindle and in print by the end of the month.

Last fall a long-time writer said something to me that opened my world. It was, “I never thought I wanted to be bothered with the publishing business side. I hated it. But then I started doing it, and I am loving it!

Not only have I disliked the business side of publishing. I dug my heels in about it for years, even as more¬† and more of the business end fell to the author’s shoulders. It seemed in complete opposite to the artistic side of me.

But one day I realized I’d learned an awful lot. That I was naturally doing things now and liking much of it. My friend’s comment made me think. So in the past six months, I have jumped in with both feet, and found that I, too, am enjoying this new era of author-publisher. I am having a blast!

I like being the one to call the shots on how my books are presented. I like that books that were very well received, that people told me brought them great reading joy, are not left to languish, forgotten. I like deciding on new ways of presentation, editing, re-writing, writing blurbs and descriptions, doing my own book covers, because I love to play with color and fonts and design. Art is a big part of my being. And I like the instant gratification, and all from the comfort of my cozy office.

Earlier this year, I took over the publishing and marketing of my books previously held by Belgrave House, one of the earliest of the digital book publishers. The books are off the market, as I one by one edit and republish in today’s markets. So much to learn. The programs and opportunities seem to change daily. It is often frustrating, but never ending in fascination.

Life is change. There is the saying that we must keep up, but I don’t believe that. I believe that we can make our own way. We can carve out our own path. This is what I have always done with my writing.