It’s the Little Things

When we moved from Oklahoma to Alabama, we gave away and discarded most of our living room furniture that was either worn out or did not suit the new style to which we had decided to become accustomed. In the meantime, the mis-matched pieces we are using ended up being dumped helter-skelter into the room. Yesterday, seized with ambition that did not extend to washing windows, I made a stab at arranging pieces in a more pleasant and usable manner.

In studying the scene, I heard a small voice urging me to switch the chair placement. I resisted, answering with all manner of excuses: I like my chair in the corner; the light is good and I can easily see out two windows. My lamp has to go with my chair and will be unprotected from boisterous grandson out of the corner. That ugly large chair and ottoman Bigstreetrod is currently using is heavy and bulky. If moving it proves a poor choice, I’m going to have the effort of moving it back.

The Voice persisted. Large ugly chair and ottoman went into the corner area and mine free-floated out from the wall and windows. Placed the lamp behind my chair and cherry occasional table between them.

Well now!

“God is in the details.” ~ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, architect.

The change could not help the puke-green walls or make old furniture new, but things were definitely more pleasantly livable until decorating takes place. Bigstreetrod attested to this, when he was complimentary to a degree I found a little peculiar.

100_1655Then this morning, when I plopped myself with tea into my chair, my entire body sighed with pleasure. I thought, “Wow, this really does feel better. It just feels sooo right!”

Looking around, I began to laugh. The furniture is now arranged in virtually the same position as we lived with for the past sixteen years in Oklahoma: my chair on the left, Bigstreetrod’s on the right, table between, with windows behind and beside, and the television directly at the far end of the room.

Hmmm…lessons in listening to the Voice, the strength of habit and feng shui, and how little things mean a lot.

“You can stand the big things. It’s the little things that will make or break you.” ~ Anna Marie Henderson, my mother.