Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– Oh, My!

Darlings, it is beautiful here in our little paradise!

The azaleas were magnificent, until the heavy rain. Still some.

Third year for the Zephirine Drouhin. I'm so excited! Not only is she about to burst forth into bloom and growth, but I'm learning to spell her name.

Bridal wreath, spirea. Oh, this is the best it has been in years, due to drought.

We're going to have oranges this year! God willing.

White wisteria. I brought in a bouquet. Made the hallway smell divine, but petals drop almost instantly, everywhere. Dear Sweetie Pie grandson had the best idea. He stripped off the blossoms, clutched them in two hands, and we put them in a bowl.

One person's weed is another person's glory. Oxalis everywhere. So cheerful.

Sweet olive, or some call tea olive. The best tree ever! Bloomed since the early fall!

Enjoy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day from May Dreams Gardens. Thanks to Carol!