It is Good to Say It is Good

Dear hearts, I’ve had a lovely couple of hours already. Too chilly for me on the porch, but my comfy stuffed chair did fine, tea and reading. This morning time is lifeblood to me.

PressingOnI’ve begun a Kay Arthur Bible study of Genesis 1 & 2. (Every Wednesday up at Knollwood Church, come join us!) Kay’s method is to study and mark the text with all these different colored pencils. I’ve tried that in the past, and the changing makes me crazy. As one of my friends says, “I’m too ADD for that.” But I did this morning do well with my blue ink pen and making different shaped markings. It is fascinating what one learns by close examining. I highly recommend this method for improving writing skills. I once took a novel writing class in which we studying best sellers, asking the questions of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

In the first paragraphs of the Bible, I see how positive God is. For instance, He didn’t create something and say, “Well, dang, that’s not good enough,” and smash it, as I so often do in my writing, or drawing or a myriad of things. God kept saying with everything He created: “It was good.”

Now, of course I’m not God and everything I write or make isn’t so good, but I do believe I could benefit from a lot more: “It is good,” and giving things time to develop. Maybe that’s all God was doing–giving the opportunity to grow.

Oops, where does the time go? God might have made more time. 🙂