Courage to Change

It came in my email this morning. Notification of a change.

The change was put forth in a positive light, but I was disturbed. My thoughts were along the lines of: “Oh, really. Why do this? Why do we have to change? This is going to be confusing. It just so annoying.” And fearful, which I didn’t name, because how comforting if things could just stay the same.

I texted a dear friend, who I knew received the same email and was more in the know about the facts of the change. She elaborated on the facts, which put the change into the worrisome category, and what my mother would term a ‘sad state of affairs’.

Then I heard a whisper, and I swear it came with a chuckle: “God is in control.”

I grabbed my phone and texted those few words to my friend, and she agreed.

Minutes later I read:
“Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” ~Victor Hugo

I think this quote sums up a good and strong way of life.

God is awake. He’s still in charge, no matter what it looks like.

Have courage for change, for the losses and trials and worries and stresses, and yes, for the great and small successes, too, because change surely comes with success. Take risks, make mistakes, stretch for the moon. Do your work, what is before you daily, and trust that no matter what path you take, God is there and leading. Trust that there is a pattern and all works out for God’s good plan, and that no one and no thing can thwart God’s loving plan for you and yours.


12 thoughts on “Courage to Change

  1. Thanks honey for printing in your post about “Courage to Change”. I work on it daily! I need that conversation from you everyday to remind me “God is in control”! At 81, I know that, God has always taken care of me for all my years! ❤️Love you, MaryFrances ❤️

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  2. CurtissAnn, I just said to my mom today..”You know I do not like change,” It was pertaining to something at our church. And then I added well That’s the way it is!! I am so happy to read this post today. You gave me the courage to accept the change. Love you 💕💕

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  3. My mantra is Let Go-Let God. I have a painted sign on my patio wall that you have probably seen on my FB posts! I try to live that way each and every day. At 93 I choose JOY and FAITH!!


  4. Love the quote you shared. The topic of change has come up often on fb over the last couple of weeks. Have wondered why. From experience, repeated messages happen for a reason.

    After losing my son to cancer in January I lived with change every day. Since the pandemic hit I’ve lived with change every day. The change that comes from loss. Loss of freedom. Loss of power. Loss of hope. Loss of contact with a loved one. Loss of their physical presence. And I have survived all the daily life changes. I’d now like to experience the change of things getting better, easier, and a little more fun. At 70 I’m running out of time. I’m always comforted by the changes in the trees this time of year. That change, and loss, is not the end. Just part of the continuous cycle of life. And I embrace their promise that the new will come again.

    God is still in control during the changes. Even the ones we don’t like. Thank you for the reminder. ❤️


    • Laurie,
      You express a point that often happens to me–repeated messages. Repeated messages are what prompted me to write the post. I am grateful when I get these repeated messages.
      My heart goes out to you for your deep loss of your son. Some losses are enormous blows. Only God can enable us to weather them. Sometimes I am in awe of we humans to endure. I’m grateful for your comment, giving an example of strength and faith. Yes, I see God’s hand even in changes I do not like. It is a comfort.


  5. Thank you for those inspiring words. At my age (75) change isn’t my favorite thing. I know God is in control but sometimes I think I am. I enjoy reading your books and rereading them. Thank you again.

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    • Me, too, Marianna, to all you say. Change is not my favorite thing, and so often I’m thinking I’m in control, without even realizing I’m doing it.


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