Trying to Have a Life Here…starting with a book sale

Summertime, and school is out. My grandson is here with me daily, a source of delight, laughter, and often the refrain:  “I’m so bored!” I found him lying in the middle of my bed, watching gaming videos on his phone. I requested he feed the chickens when he got a chance. His response to this was:  “I’m trying to have a life here.”

That produced gales of laughter in me, because as a writer, a mother, grandmother, daughter who has care of her elderly mother, a homeowner, I thought: “I’m trying to have a life here!” Now I’m thinking of writing a book with that title.

I was a bit startled to find the last time I posted on the blog was for Mother’s Day. What happened to the time? I am pleased to report I have been working on a new novel. In order to do that, I have often blocked out the world. Writing a novel is a long haul, so I’ve come up for air to enjoy the grandson’s final days before school and debut this new cover for Mary In Color, which is also now available at iBooks! Very soon it will be available in print. In celebration–and because I need some rejuvenation–we’ve put both Mary In Color and The Loves of Ruby Dee on sale for $1.99.

Amazon US     Amazon CA      iBooks

Amazon US     Amazon CA     iBooks

Enjoy your summer. There is always something to enjoy, no matter the bumps in the road as we try to have a life here.




10 thoughts on “Trying to Have a Life Here…starting with a book sale

  1. Ah–dear friend—beautiful new covers! I have re-read both books recently on my Kindles. Thanks so much for keeping us posted. Your books are such a delight! I can’t wait for the new one!!!!!
    Love always-Anne Jeffus


  2. Hi Curtiss Ann-I have read every book of yours I can get my hands on! I recently discovered a book that I had not read, however. I found it at an old used bookstore and the name of it is “White Gold”. I’m almost finished with it and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! I love your writing style! I’m also looking forward to the new book. 🙂 The “I’m trying to have a life ” comment made me chuckle. That’s a great title for a future book. 😊


  3. So pleased to know there’s a new book in the works!! I think I have now read all of your books – even the hard to find. I’ve already started re-reading them! Thank you.

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