Three Bestselling Ebooks on Sale for Mothers’ Day!

Hello, lovely readers!

In honor of Mothers’ Day, three of my bestselling e-books have just gone on sale in Kindle Store. Each rated 4+ stars.  The perfect last minute gift for the mother, sister, or friend!

On Sale only today through Sunday.

Meet Mary, a widow long lonely, who discovers the man and life of her dreams…

Ruby Dee D’Angelo came blowing up the dusty ranch road and into the lives and hearts of the Starr men…

The marriage bed was empty, the vows gone hollow. But love cannot let go.

Just for those of you curious and perplexed as I have been, the official name for the holiday, according to Grammarmonster, is Mother’s Day. Not Mothers’ Day, as I’ve often wondered. It is for each family to honor their mother.

God bless all you mother’s out there, especially those with heavy hearts on this day, and that, for one reason or another, can be just about every mother. Do something sweet for yourselves.


Thoughts? Don't keep them to yourself. Love to hear!

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