The Story-Teller’s Desire

Baum_1911I believe, my dears, that I am the proudest story-teller that ever lived…To have pleased you, to have interested you, to have won your friendship, and perhaps your love, through my stories, is to my mind as great an achievement as to become President of the United States. ~ L. Frank Baum, author of the novel that we all know and love as The Wizard of OZ

Such has been my aim in writing, too– to bring as much comfort and joy through my writing as I have received from the stories of countless wonderful writers. I’m grateful to those of you who have written to tell me you enjoy my stories, and to those of readers who have taken precious time to leave favorable reviews of my books. Today I think of all that, and realize a deep satisfaction.

I think we often go hurling along, working toward our dreams and forget to acknowledge the achievements. We are always pressing on to a new desire, a new challenge, an obligation that needs fulfilling, a calling in our lives. This is the way we are made as humans and very good, but it is only the half of it. We must complete the achieving by acknowledging it.

Today acknowledge your every achievement, no matter how small, and even those you do reluctantly. Maybe the ones done reluctantly need celebrating the most.

You got up today to face the world. That’s a large achievement right there!


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