Yes, Dear Hearts, There is Good News

It is easy to get all caught up in the sadness of the violence of the past days, the Dallas shootings, and before that shootings in cities across our nation–I’m sorry, I do not keep up and don’t even know how this big wave of outrage and killing got started, whose to blame, what needs to be done. But one thing I do know: There is nothing new under the sun. Waves of violence have swept our country, and the world, before, and sadly, likely will again. Start studying the history of this country. Move on to the history of the world. There is nothing new under the sun.

But I maintain that goodness is there, all around us. We can hear it in the stories of the heroes of the Dallas shootings, and what has happened since. Light does shine in the darkness, and it cannot be put out. Just look around you.

For every story of violence and hatred, there are dozens of stories out there of wonderful people and wonderful happenings that the major news outlets do not report on. Stories of everyday heroes, with no connection to any violence. I offer these links:

Paraplegic Inspires Everyone After Learning to Swim, Setting Records

America’s 10 Hidden Gems

Youth Serve the Homeless

GoFundMe account links here for donations to the widows of the slain Dallas Police officers. My heart goes out to the widows. I know what they are facing.

There are a million tales of people being good to each other. I want to focus on that, because what I focus on grows.


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